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Annbank (1870-1951)

Opened on the Ayr and Cumnock Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).

Opened on the Ayr and Mauchline Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This former station was actually in the village of Mossblown. Annbank itself is about a mile to the south by road. A junction remains here today for the Killoch Washery off the Ayr to Mauchline line.

This was a four platform station built in the 'V' of Annbank Junction, the junction between the lines from Ayr to Mauchline (1870) and the line to Cumnock (1872). The main station building was built on the westbound platform of the Cumnock line. The goods yard was just to the south of this platform, approached from the Cumnock line.

The Mauchline line was double track and the Cumnock line dropped to a single track just to the south east.

The original Annbank signal box was replaced by two boxes. One located at the top of the cutting to the west of the junction, on the north side of the line (Annbank No 1) and another on the Cumnock branch where the goods yard line split off and the branch dropped to a single track (Annbank No 2)

When Ayr Colliery Pits Nos 1 and 2 opened this was by further cutting out the north side of the station to fit a line in behind (to the north of) the eastbound Mauchline platform. It was this colliery which was to produce the large 'bing' in the 'V' of the junction.

The station closed to passengers in 1951. The No 2 box closed in 1966 when taken over by No 1 box (renamed just 'Annbank').

The box closed in 1983 when the line east to Mauchline closed. This was part of the Ayrshire resignalling. The line from Ayr to Mauchline had been singled throughout - the portion from Annbank to Mauchline before 1982 and the Ayr to Annbank portion later.

When line Mauchline route re-opened in 1988 a ground frame was installed to replaced the signal box.

Currently both lines remain open. The washery route sees traffic depending on coal demand. The main line sees traffic for the Hunterston Power Station, Meadowhead Paper Mill and permanent way workings.



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