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Turnberry (1906-1942)

Opened on the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a single platform station. It was the largest station on the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway) and its fortunes were entirely bound up with the Turnberry Hotel which was developed, along with its golf courses, by the railway company at a greenfield site.

The hotel occupies a high viewpoint looking over its golf courses west to the sea and Ailsa Craig. The station was built to the rear, aligned a little to the hotel building. A long covered way connected the station to the hotel.

The platform was on the west side of the line. The station building had a long canopy covering much of the platform. At the north end of the platform was the signal box. There was a long loop (much longer than the platform) on the east side, extending north. On its west side, north of the platform, was a siding.

Most of the line closed to passengers with the exception of Turnberry in 1930. Turnberry's signal box closed in 1935, replaced with a ground frame.

Turnberry Aerodrome was built north of the station in the Second World War. This had its own siding starting from near Shanter Farm. The siding was served from a siding and ran south and then west, dropping down to the aerodrome.

The station closed in 1942. The covered walkway was removed. The line closed in 1955.

The station site is now a car park at the of the hotel. The site of the building has various services for the hotel.



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