Girvan (Old)

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Names and dates

Girvan [1st] (1860-1877)
Girvan (Old) (1877-1893)

Opened on the Maybole and Girvan Railway.

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This was a single platform station which officially closed as a goods only yard in the 1989 partly due to the condition of the single track bridge over the Water of Girvan.

The line ran on to staithes in Girvan Harbour, crossing a second single track bridge over the Water of Girvan, this portion closing in the 1960s.

The platform was on the south side of the line, and to the south of it the locomotive shed and turntable. To the north of the site was the goods yard.

When Girvan (New) station opened it was further outside the town. As a result whenever the company owning the line south to Stranraer was in difficulties and trains ceased this older station was the preferred station. It opened and closed a number fo times.

The station site remains derelict, although a modern supermarket development has separated it from the viaduct and Girvan Goods Junction.



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