Gatehouse of Fleet

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Names and dates

Dromore (1861-1863)
Gatehouse (1863-1865)
Dromore (1865-1866)
Gatehouse (1866-1871)
Dromore (1871-1912)
Gatehouse of Fleet (1912-1965)

Opened on the Portpatrick Railway.


This was a two platform station with a loop on the single track Port Road line from Dumfries to Stranraer.

The main station building, a single storey building with crow step gables later removed at the west end, was on the westbound platform. The 1891 signal box was on its west side.

There was no eastbound platform originally, this was added in 1891 alongside the existing loop. This platform had a waiting room.

The goods yard was east of the westbound platform, on the south side of the line and approached from the west. This served a loading bank. By reversal a goods shed, just east of the station building, could be reached.

The station was some six and a half miles from Gatehouse itself. Due to the distance another station, Tarff, equally (closer to seven miles) as far from Gatehouse of Fleet, was also known, or partly known, as Gatehouse from 1865 to 1871.

Dromore is a mile away to the North North East As the crow files.

The station, box and line closed in 1965.

The station building remains in use as a house and the platforms are intact.

East of the station the line ran past the Clints of Dromore, on the north side, to Big Water of Fleet Viaduct.



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A grounded ex Caledonian Railway coach at the station served as a hall and church from 1939.

It was replaced in 1965 with an ex Great Northern Railway coach.

The coach survived into the 1970s.