Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

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Big Water of Fleet Viaduct (1861-1965)

Opened on the Portpatrick Railway.


This is a disused large granite single track viaduct 900ft long and 70 ft high with 20 arches.

Repairs were required many times. The viaduct piers were buttressed from 1926 with the piers being encased in red brick, giving the bridge a striking appearance. During this work there was a halt at the west end. Arches have been braced with old rails.

The line closed in 1965. Unlike the nearby Little Water of Fleet Viaduct (blown up in 1987) the viaduct still stands. Access is fenced off at either end.

The viaduct is east of the former Gatehouse of Fleet station. The cliffs of the Clints of Dromore to the north west are a striking backdrop.

Engineer: Blyth and Blyth.


Viaduct Big Water of Fleet

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