Dingwall and Skye Railway


This is open. Passenger services are provided by ScotRail between Kyle of Lochalsh, Stromeferry and Inverness.

The line is supported and promoted by the Friends of the Kyle Line .

The line is 53 miles long with the full length to Kyle via the extension taking the length from Dingwall to 63 miles.


05/07/1865Dingwall and Skye Railway
Dingwall and Skye Railway authorised Dingwall to Kyle of Lochalsh.
02/05/1868[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Deviation authorised; Kyle of Lochalsh to Attadale not to be built.
Engineer; Joseph Mitchell & Company.
Contractors; J & A Granger (Dingwall to Achanalt), A & K Macdonald (Achanalt to Attadale) and Donald McGregor & Company (Attadale Pier).
  /  /1869[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Terminus plans altered from Attadale to Strome Ferry
05/08/1870[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Opened to goods traffic only
19/08/1870[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Railway opened (Stations at Strathpeffer, Garve, Achanalt, Achnasheen, Strathcarron, Strome Ferry) (Loops at Garve, Achnasheen, Strathcarron and Strome Ferry).
19/08/1870[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Line opened from Dingwall to Stromeferry Pier
09/11/1870[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
S.S. Oscar lost at Applecross
  /  /1871[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Hotel at Achnasheen, designed by Alexander Ross, opened
  /  /1872[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Glencarron Platform opened.
26/04/1872[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Lochluichart private platform becomes public and is re-built
31/07/1872[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Strome Ferry Engine Shed burns down
  /  /1873[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Attadale Platform opened
24/04/1877Dingwall and Skye Railway
Highland Railway takes over steamer operations.
01/03/1878[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Siding opened at Attadale
30/03/1880[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
P.S. Carham grounds at Raasay
17/04/1880Dingwall and Skye Railway
Highland Railway abandons steamer operations in favour of David MacBrayne.
01/09/1880Dingwall and Skye RailwayHighlandRailway
Amalgamation with Highland Railway.
04/01/1882[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
First Skye Bogie locomotive introduced
01/06/1885Dingwall and Skye Railway
Strathpeffer [1st] renamed Auchterneed for opening of Strathpeffer Branch (Highland Railway).
16/10/1891[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Strome Ferry station train shed burns down
01/06/1900[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Achnashellach box and loop opened
13/06/1911[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Highland Hotel at Strathpeffer opens
01/07/1914[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Luib crossing opens
  /  /1917[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
American Mine base opens at Kyle of Lochalsh
  /  /1918[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
American Mine base closes
16/01/1919[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Loan crossing and sidings opens for Admiralty (Alternative date: 1 February 1918)
  /  /1920[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
[Highland Railway] purchases Loan sidings from Admiralty.
  /  /1920[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Loan crossing and sidings closed
  /  /1921[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Loan crossing and sidings lifted
  /  /1923[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Ravens Rock Quarry siding opens
  /  /1936[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Fodderty Junction box closes (for 4 years)
  /09/1937[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Strome Ferry pier demolished
  /06/1939[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Ravens Rock Quarry closes
23/06/1940[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Fodderty Junction box re-opens
20/08/1944[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Fodderty Junction box closes
  /  /1952[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Ravens Rock Siding removed
01/05/1954[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Lochluichart (Old) and two miles of track close (Alternative date : 3 May 1954)
03/05/1954[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Lochluichart (New) and diversion open
27/01/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Lochluichart (New) closed to goods
27/01/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Achnashellach closed to goods
18/05/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Auchterneed closed to goods
15/06/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Stromeferry closed to goods
02/11/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Achanalt closed to goods
07/12/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Auchterneed closed to passengers
07/12/1964[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Clencarron closed to passengers (Alternative date: 1966).
20/03/1966[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Stromeferry East and West boxes and loop closed
22/03/1966[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Achnashellach box and loop closed
23/03/1966[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Achanalt East and West boxes and loop closed
24/03/1966[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Auchterneed box and loop closed
15/08/1966[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Attadale closed to goods
  /11/1969[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Building of first road along south shore of Loch Carron leads to temporary blockage of line.
13/03/1970[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Strathcarron to Stromeferry re-opens (following major blockage).
  /12/1971[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Announcement of line closure on the 31rst of December 1973 by Secretary of State for Scotland
26/03/1973[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Ullapool to Stornaway ferry service starts
02/11/1973[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Line reprieved until the 31rst of December 1974
31/12/1973[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Original planned closure
  /  /1974[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Decision taken to retain line and use in connection with Oil Platform construction
31/12/1974[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
End of reprieval period, but line retained for Oil Industry
  /  /1975[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Howard Doris Loch Kishorn Oil Platform Construction Site depot opened at Strome Ferry
17/03/1975[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Kyle to Portree mailboat service ends
  /  /1979[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Ground frame and siding removed at Attadale
  /  /1982[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Depot at Strome Ferry closed and track disconnected from main line
01/04/1984[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Garve East and West boxes close
17/06/1984[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Strathcarron East box closes.
17/06/1984[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Strathcarron West box converted into gate box.
13/07/1984[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Radio Electric Token Block introduced
  /  /1988[Dingwall and Skye Railway]
Disused depot track at Strome Ferry lifted

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Dingwall to Stromeferry

This junction is north of Dingwall station. This is where the line from Inverness divides into portions running west to Kyle of Lochalsh on the west coast and Thurso and Wick on the north coast. Both lines are single track. Just to the south is the north end of the loop through Dingwall station. There is a pedestrian level crossing and the former Dingwall Canal passes ...

More details
Next stop Dingwall. Heading south after passing through Dingwall Junction on 1 October 2009 is ScotRail 158720 forming the 1203 service from Kyle of ...
John Furnevel 01/10/2009
Dingwall Junction viewed from the south. Sprinter train at Junction. ...
Ewan Crawford //
The 1203 service from Kyle of Lochalsh about to join the route from Wick and Thurso at Dingwall Junction on 1 October 2009 on its way to Inverness. ...
John Furnevel 01/10/2009
A Kyle of Lochalsh - Inverness train approaching Dingwall Junction in 2005. In the foreground is Dingwall Canal North level crossing. ...
Ewan Crawford //2005

This panel box was located on the Kyle of Lochalsh line, west of Dingwall Junction. It was between Dingwall No 1 LC and Dingwall Middle LC and was on the south side of the line. Dingwall No 2 LC is even further west.

More details
Dingwall Crossing Panel Box, a panel gatebox, on the Kyle line between two level crossings in Dingwall. View looks from the east Dingwall No 1 LC to ...
Ewan Crawford //1989

The crossing opened with the building of a new bypass and main road north from Dingwall, Newton Road.

More details
A Kyle of Lochalsh service crawling towards Dingwall middle crossing on 15th March 2017. ...
Brian Smith 15/03/2017

A sprinter at the No 2 crossing at Dingwall. The crossing is ungated and there have, unfortunately, been some meetings of trains and cars. ...
John Gray //

This was the junction between the Dingwall and Skye Railway and the 1885 branch to Strathpeffer. The town town had been, at its request, bypassed by the Dingwall and Skye Railway when it opened in 1870. With the tourist development of Strathpeffer as a Spa town a branch, approaching from the east, opened in 1885 from this junction, a little west of Dingwall.

More details
GBXI ran to Kyle of Lochalsh on 22nd April. Unfortunately the weather lived down to its reputation and the rain came on in earnest around Achanalt. B1 ...
John Gray 22/04/2018
Eastbound at the former Fodderty Junction in 2004, with Knock Farrel in the background left. ...
Ewan Crawford 17/07/2004
A cheery toot of the horn and a thumbs up from the cab of 66104 as it climbs away from the site of Fodderty Junction on 21 June with five ballast ...
John Gray 21/06/2015
Looking west at Fodderty Junction level crossing. ...
Ewan Crawford //

This was the first station to serve Strathpeffer, just under two miles to the south. It was inconveniently located away from the town and up a hill due to local opposition (largely Sir William MacKenzie of Coul) to taking the line through the town.

More details
View looking west at Auchterneed station. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Sparkling Deltic no 55 022 Royal Scots Grey climbs the 1 in 50 gradient between Fodderty Junction and Achterneed on 28 May hauling the SRPS ...
John Gray 28/05/2011
A brief respite for this Kyle train behind 5333 in the 1970s. The train is on the short stretch of 1 in 350 gradient through Achterneed, before ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) //
A reluctant trainspotter watches a Kyle-Inverness train drift east down the bank through Achterneed (closed 1965) heading for Dingwall in 1988. ...
David Spaven //1988

This is a single track two? girder viaduct at the south east end of Loch Garve between Garve station and Raven's Rock Summit. ...

More details
With the light rapidly fading, Statesman Rails 'Lord of the Isles ' railtour climbs away from Loch Garve on the way back to Inverness from Kyle of ...
John Gray 20/10/2019

This is a two platform station with an original station building, now in other uses, on the up (eastbound) platform.

More details
Garve station is the first stop and passing loop on the Dingwall to Kyle of Lochalsh line although there was previously a station between here and ...
David Bosher 18/06/2019
61306 'Mayflower' hauls 'The Highlands and Islands Explorer' past Loch Garve on the way to Kyle of Lochalsh on 12th May 2019. The number of Wacky ...
John Gray 12/05/2019
View north across the platforms at Garve in September 2009.
See query 2039 ...
John Furnevel 26/09/2009
The Raven's Rock Express stands at Garve on 25 September 1982 behind 5025. The special, organised by The Scottish Steam Railtours Group, was on ...
John Robin 25/09/1982

This private halt was to the south and downhill of Lochluichart Lodge, which it served.

More details

This was a single platform station with a small building and small goods yard. This station replaced a private halt Lochluichart [1st] which was closer to Lochluichart Lodge and to the east. The station closed when Loch Luichart was damned for a hydroscheme and replaced by a new station just to the north, Lochluichart.

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This is a single track girder viaduct east of Achanalt station. It crosses the watercourse, the River Bran, between Loch Achanalt (west) and Loch a' Chuilinn. To the west the north side of Loch Achanalt. To the east the line is on the south side of Loch a' Chuilinn.

More details
K4 61994 The Great Marquess pictured east of Achanalt with The Great Britain II . Loch Achanalt in the background. Sgurr A Mhuilinn ...
John Gray 11/04/2009
View from a train westbound on the Kyle line on the approach to Achanalt around the mid 1960s [with thanks to all who responded to this query]. ...
R Sillitto/A Renfrew Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) //
D5117 and D5120 cross the River Bran between Loch Achanalt and Loch a' Chuilinn on 13 September 1969 with the returning Scottish Grand Tour No. ...
Bill Jamieson 13/09/1969
Heading east from Achanalt this Sprinter crosses a famous Bridge. ...
Ewan Crawford 22/07/2004

This was a two platform station. The original timber bulding (by Murdoch Paterson) on the up (eastbound) platform was lost in 1889. Its replacement survived until at least the 1960s.

More details
Class B1 4-6-0 No.1264 in LNER lined black livery pictured approaching Achanalt Station on the way to Kyle of Lochalsh on 22nd April with the GB XI ...
John Gray 22/04/2018
Black 5 No.44871 is pictured between Achanalt and Achnasheen with the GB IX trip to Kyle of Lochalsh.The River Bran in the background. ...
John Gray /05/2016
Evening scene at Achanalt in October 2009. View is east towards Dingwall. ...
John Furnevel 01/10/2009
Entrance to Achanalt station in October 2009. View south over the car park alongside the A832 road. ...
John Furnevel 01/10/2009

This is a two platform station with a loop. The platforms are slightly staggered. The station building on the up (eastbound) platform remains standing. It is of the same style by Murdoch Paterson as those at Strathcarron and Garve. The line crosses the River Bran at the west end of the station.

More details
Achnasheen station, seen from 158712 with the ex-10.56 service from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh, on 18th June 2019. This was only my second visit to ...
David Bosher 18/06/2019
The 'Highlands & Islands Explorer' approaching Achnasheen, hauled by 61306 'Mayflower' on 12th May 2019. In the background, the River Bran, the ruins ...
John Gray 12/05/2019
K1 No.62005 heads * The Great Britain X * to Kyle of Lochalsh.Pictured
John Gray 06/05/2017
Class 37 37421 heading for Inverness near Achnasheen ...
Gordon Steel 23/08/1987

This is a summit of 646 ft. It is 2 3/4 miles east of the former Loan Crossing.

More details
Black 5 No.44871 heading west to Kyle of Lochalsh with The Great Britain IX ,nearing the summit at Luib. ...
John Gray 02/05/2016
A break in the clouds allows the sun to shine on Black 5 No 45305 as it nears Luib Summit with the Great Britain V on 23 April. (The locomotive ...
John Gray 23/04/2012

A relief siding was installed here in 1914 to assist with taking large loads up the Glencarron Bank. Long trains would be taken up in portions which were deposited here and then assembled into a single train for taking on to Achnasheen. The location was 2 3/4 miles east of Luib Summit, a little west of Loch Sgamhain. The siding was on the north side of the line, approached from the ...

More details

This was a single platform halt with a small wooden shelter and passenger operated signal to let drivers of trains know that a call was needed.

More details
Above Glencarron Platform, looking west. ...
Ewan Crawford //

This is a one platform station. There are not many facilities, just the platform. There is no parking here, but it may be possible nearby on the main road to the south of the station.

More details
Last call! Final train of the day about to leave Achnashellach for Inverness on 26 September 2009. ...
John Furnevel 26/09/2009
View from Achnashellach station towards Kyle of Lochalsh on 2 October 2009, as a grey mist slowly rolls in from the west. The gate on the right stands ...
John Furnevel 02/10/2009
The 'road' approach to Achnashellach station from the north in September 2009 with the foot-crossing much used by walkers. ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2009
47826 brings up the rear of an SRPS railtour returning from Kyle of Lochalsh to Paisley Gilmour Street on 26 September 2009. The train is seen here ...
John Furnevel 26/09/2009

158715 on a Kyle to Inverness service crosses the A890 at Balnacra between Strathcarron and Achnashellach. A railwaymen's halt was located here at one ...
Mark Bartlett 07/07/2012

This is a two platform station with a passing loop on a single track railway. The main station building, of two storeys and of the same style as those at Achnasheen and Garve, is on the eastbound platform.

More details
About to leave Strathcarron for Kyle of Lochalsh in October 2009. ...
John Furnevel 02/10/2009
158715 and 158719 meet at Strathcarron on the Kyle of Lochalsh line on 11th July 2012. ...
Mark Bartlett 11/07/2012
A grab shot, through the train window, of Strathcarron west signal box in July 1963.
Colin Miller //1963
The 1757 Inverness to Kyle service runs alongside the A890 just west of Strathcarron station. 158707 was photographed in between courses at the ...
Mark Bartlett 13/07/2012

This is a very small station with a single platform. The original small timber building has been replaced with a concrete equivalent. The platform is on the south side of the line. From the platform there is rather a fine view of Loch Carron and the beach. There is no car park but there is space for a car or two to park in a layby by the station.

More details
Station entrance, Attadale, September 2009. ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2009
A Class 158, working from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh, runs along the shore of Loch Carron between Strathcarron and Attadale on 7th July 2012. ...
Mark Bartlett 07/07/2012
View south west towards Kyle of Lochalsh from the platform of a deserted Attadale station in September 2009. For the view in the opposite direction ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2009
Attadale looking east. ...
Ewan Crawford //1994

This concrete structure crosses over the railway and A890 south west of Attadale station. The shelter protects the railway and road from the cliff above to the south east.

More details
Driving along a railway on a Sunday afternoon, as you do. A van and trailer return to the roadway at the west end of the diversion of the Stromeferry ...
Michael Gibb 08/10/2018
A new meaning for 'taking to the tracks' near the avalanche shelter on the Kyle line. The view looks east to the diversion of the Stromeferry Bypass ...
Michael Gibb 08/10/2018
The avalanche shelter alongside a placid Loch Carron, looking back towards Strome Ferry in Summer 1974. ...
David Spaven //1974
A Kyle bound Class 158 approaches the avalanche shelter near Attadale, as seen from the north shore of Loch Carron. There are only two trains each way ...
Mark Bartlett 08/07/2012

This is a single platform station located in the small village of Stromeferry with some parking nearby. It opened in 1870 and was the terminus of the railway from Dingwall near Inverness until extension west to Kyle of Lochalsh in 1897.

More details
A Kyle - Inverness train running between Loch Carron and the then new road near Stromeferry in August 1970. ...
Colin Miller /08/1970
The 1715 from Kyle to Inverness approaches Stromeferry negotiating the sharp curves along the shore of Loch Carron. 158705 was photographed from the ...
Mark Bartlett 10/07/2012
A full load for a Class 26 in Spring 1972, with two vans and seven coaches in tow. The train is en route to Inverness near Stromeferry. ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) //1972
The heavy rock blasting needed to take the railway on from Strome Ferry to Kyle is evident in this view taken from the cab of 26046 on a ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) 20/11/1982

Loch Kishorn

Loch Carron Lights, Beacons and Buoys

A series of lights and buoys were provided by the Highland Railway to protect steamers from a series of submerged rocks while passing Plockton on the approach to Strome Ferry Pier. A vessel approaching Strome Ferry Pier would leave Sgeir Golach Beacon to port, Cat Islands Lighthouse and Hawk Rock Buoy to starboard, then Bonadu Sgeir to port and, avoiding Birch Rock Buoy, leave Ulluva Beacon to starboard. A chart note 'The light, beacons and buoys are the property of the Highland Railway Company. The light is only shown for the Railway Company's steamers during the fishing season'.

This belonged to a series of lights and buoys provided by the Highland Railway to protect steamers from a series of submerged rocks while passing Plockton on the approach to Strome Ferry Pier.

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