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Helmsdale (1871-)

Opened on the Duke of Sutherland^s Railway.

Opened on the Sutherland and Caithness Railway.

Open on the Far North Line.


This is a two platform station with a passing loop on the Far North line. The main station building, of two storeys, is on the southbound platform.

This was the terminus of the line, replacing the temporary termnus at West Helmsdale, until extension to Thurso and Wick in 1874.

North of the station there was a goods yard on the east side and the two road Helmsdale Shed on the west side of the line. Both were originally approached via their respective reversing spurs from the south, but on extension the shed's reversing spur was converted into a loop and so became accessible from both north and south. The shed's turntable was on the west side of its approach

The original signal box,opened on extension, was replaced with two boxes. The north box was on the west side at the north end of the loop alongside the shed's northern exit. The south box still stands. It is on the platform just north of the station building. Both boxes closed in 1985 on replacement by RETB and control from Dingwall.

The station building has been converted to provide accommodation. Helmsdale Station



Station Terminus

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