Cat Islands Lighthouse

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Cat Islands Lighthouse

Opened on the Dingwall and Skye Railway.


This belonged to a series of lights and buoys provided by the Highland Railway to protect steamers from a series of submerged rocks while passing Plockton on the approach to Strome Ferry Pier.

This lighthouse was on the northern of the Cat Islands. It showed red and white light in different sectors.

To the north the Sgeir Golach Beacon (red).

To the east Hawk Rock Buoy and further east Bonadu Sgeir Beacon (red).

Further east the mid channel Birch Rock Buoy and Ulluva Beacon (white).

A vessel approaching Strome Ferry Pier would leave Sgeir Golach Beacon to port, Cat Islands Lighthouse and Hawk Rock Buoy to starboard, then Bonadu Sgeir to port and, avoiding Birch Rock Buoy, leave Ulluva Beacon to starboard.

A chart note 'The light, beacons and buoys are the property of the Highland Railway Company. The light is only shown for the Railway Company's steamers during the fishing season'.




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