Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)


This railway is open. Passenger services are provided by ScotRail between Kyle of Lochalsh, Stromeferry and Inverness.

The line is supported and promoted by the Friends of the Kyle Line .

Why built

This extension was built to continue the Highland Railway^s Stromeferry line to a new pier at Kyle of Lochalsh. The new location was more convenient for a ferry to Kyleakin, Portree, both on Skye, and other islands.


ScotRail operates a service from Inverness to Kyle. There are four or five trains per day with fewer on Sundays.


  /  /1893Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Extension from Stromeferry to Kyle of Lochalsh authorised.
03/09/1893Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Contracts for extension let to John Best.
02/11/1897Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Line opened from Stromeferry to new terminus and pier at Kyle of Lochalsh. Stations at; Plockton, Duirinish and Kyle of Lochalsh.
  /  /1917Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Rail served American Mine base operating in Kyle of Lochalsh.
  /  /1918Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
American Mine base closed. This received mines to be transported to US Naval Base 18.
  /09/1937Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Stromeferry pier demolished.
28/04/1940Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Box opened at Duirinish.
28/10/1945Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Temporary box at Duirinish closed.
23/05/1949Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Duncraig Halt opened to public.
01/02/1954Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Duirinish closed to goods.
07/09/1964Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Plockton closed to goods.
07/09/1964Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Duncraig closed to passengers .
  /11/1969Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Building of first road along south shore of Loch Carron leads to temporary blockage of line near Stromeferry.
13/03/1970Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Strathcarron to Strome Ferry re-opens.
  /12/1971Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Announcement of line closure on 31 December 1973 by Secretary of State for Scotland.
02/11/1973Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Line reprieved until 31 December 1974.
31/12/1973Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Original planned closure.
  /  /1974Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Decision taken to retain line and use in connection with Loch Kishorn Fabrication Yard.
31/12/1974Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
End of second reprieval period.
  /  /1975Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Loch Kishorn Fabrication Yard depot opened at Strome Ferry.
17/03/1975Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Kyle of Lochalsh to Portree mailboat service ends.
  /  /1982Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Depot at Strome Ferry closed and track disconnected from main line.
03/06/1984Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Kyle of Lochalsh signal box closes.
13/07/1984Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Radio Electric Token Block introduced.
  /  /1985Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Considerable track reduction at Kyle of Lochalsh.
  /  /1988Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Disused depot track at Strome Ferry lifted.
  /04/1998Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)
Sidings reconditioned/relaid for EWS traffic at Kyle of Lochalsh.

Route described

From Stromeferry to Kyle of Lochalsh.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This is a single platform station located in the small village of Stromeferry with some parking nearby. It opened in 1870 and was the terminus of the railway from Dingwall near Inverness until extension west to Kyle of Lochalsh in 1897.

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A plaque in place at Stromeferry to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening from Dingwall. ...
John Yellowlees 25/08/2020
The 1715 from Kyle to Inverness approaches Stromeferry negotiating the sharp curves along the shore of Loch Carron. 158705 was photographed from the ...
Mark Bartlett 10/07/2012
A Kyle - Inverness train running between Loch Carron and the then new road near Stromeferry in August 1970. ...
Colin Miller /08/1970
A full load for a Class 26 in Spring 1972, with two vans and seven coaches in tow. The train is en route to Inverness near Stromeferry. ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) //1972
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This is a single platform station originally built as a private station serving Duncraig Castle in 1897. It became public in 1949.

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Eastbound 158.709 approaching Duncraig in 2013. The station building was beautifully restored. ...
Ewan Crawford 25/04/2013
A glorious evening to be on the last Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh service of the day. The train is seen here skirting the south shore of Loch Carron ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) //1979
Sprinter near Duncraig. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Duncraig looking west. ...
Ewan Crawford //1994
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This is a single platform station with a fine example of a single storey timber Highland Railway station building. The station is south of Plockton Village, famed for its palm trees, which is largely to the north east on the shore of Loch Carron.

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View from 158712 with the ex-10.56 service from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh arriving at the picturesque Plockton station, on 18th June 2019. This ...
David Bosher 18/06/2019
With Loch Carron as a backdrop, ScotRail 158707 appears around a curve westbound between Duncraig and Plockton on 29 September 2009. The train is the ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2009
Plockton Station in September 2011. The station building is now used as a holiday home. ...
Alistair MacKenzie 22/09/2011
The 1101 Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh slows on the final approach to Plockton on 29 September 2009. The station is on the other side of the bridge ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2009
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This is a single platform station with a minimal waiting shelter. The platform is on the south side of the line.

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Another picture of the tidy station at Duirinish, this time looking east towards Plockton. This is the first of nine surviving intermediate stations ...
Mark Bartlett 10/07/2012
Duirinish station viewed from the east. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Platform view at Duirinish in September 2009, looking south west towards Kyle of Lochalsh. ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2009
Duirinish station serves the village of the same name, but that^s not immediately apparent. This is a view looking south from the station platform, ...
Mark Bartlett 10/07/2012
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This was a two road shed to the north of Kyle of Lochalsh station and was located on the west side of the line. Access was by approaching from the station to the south onto the turntable and then reversing to head south into the shed. There was a water tank located by the turntable. The shed was on the north side of a road overbridge which separated it from the signal box, just to the south.

More details
A coach body alongside Kyle of Lochalsh locomotive shed in April 1960. [Ref query 27 September 2018] ...
David Murray-Smith 06/04/1960
Kyle of Lochalsh^s 60^ turntable being prepared for removal to Aviemore on the Strathspey Railway in 1977. ...
Bill Roberton //1977
37 416 entering Kyle of Lochalsh. The signalbox is to the left and the locomotive shed was on the right. ...
Ewan Crawford 03/01/1989
Looking away from Kyle towards Inverness. The locomotive shed was on the left. ...
Ewan Crawford 03/01/1989
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This is the terminus of the line from the junction at Dingwall, trains starting from Inverness. It enjoys an impressive location on the former steamer pier with a backdrop (as seen from the north) of mountains, such as Sgurr na Coinnich, on the Isle of Skye seen over Loch Alsh. The station is in the middle of the southern part of the village, which developed around the station. This ...

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Class 5MT 44718 departs Kyle of Lochalsh on 1740 to Inverness. ...
David Murray-Smith 06/04/1960
This plaque was unveiled at Kyle today by the Lord Lieutenant of Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh, Mrs Janet Bowen. It reads
John Yellowlees 31/12/2018
158712 now arrived at Kyle of Lochalsh with the ex-10.56 service from Inverness, on time at 13.35, on 18th June 2019. It will form the 13.46 return ...
David Bosher 18/06/2019
Kyle of Lochalsh station, and quayside, as seen from Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye in July 2012. Prior to the Skye bridge being completed Kyleakin was ...
Mark Bartlett 09/07/2012
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