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ScotRail has confirmed timetable changes due to engineering work.
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A system harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to deter deer away from railway lines.
(Permalink) Animal on line Deer LNER Network Rail

Perth and Kinross Council officers have recommended councillors approve the Network Rail plans at a meeting this week much to the concern of locals and tourists who feel their views have not been heard.
(Permalink) Accessibility Footbridge Network Rail Perth and Kinross Council Pitlochry

Network Rail in Scotland has a target to be Net Zero by 2035 and is currently implementing the Scottish Government's Rail Services Decarbonisation Action Plan to electrify the rail network across Scotland from Carlisle and Newcastle, all the way to Thurso and Wick.
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Engineers will be working around-the-clock to keep Scotland's Railway running as freezing conditions continue to grip the county.
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Network Rail will complete a range of vital infrastructure improvement works at locations across Scotland over the festive period.
(Permalink) Christmas Network Rail New Year

New Year train disruption as Network Rail complete 'vital' improvements to the line Between Helensburgh and Dumbarton.
(Permalink) Craigendoran Helensburgh Line Network Rail New Year West Highland Line

John Bryden is becoming 'very weak' as he protests against noisy work driving families away from the charity's base.
(Permalink) Lochailort Mallaig Extension Network Rail

Network Rail have lodged a planning application which reveals details of their Aberdeen to central belt 'enhancement project'.
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Magdalen Green: 66198 passes Magdalen Green with a short freight from Mossend to Aberdeen in the summer of 2001.
Bill Roberton //2001

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has today set out its final determination of Network Rail Scotland's £4.6bn plan to deliver a safe and customer focused railway in the five years from April 2024, known as Control Period 7 (CP7).
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Network Rail have released the shocking CCTV footage as a warning to parents about the dangers of letting their children play on railway crossings
(Permalink) Level crossings Network Rail Safety

Operators say routes will have to be inspected before deemed safe.
(Permalink) Network Rail Storm Babet Weather

Scotland's Railway will close several lines in the north and north-east of Scotland on Thursday and Friday as Storm Babet is expected to bring severe weather to parts of the country.
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Network Rail's Central Route has signed a memorandum of understanding with the heritage Severn Valley Railway for support, training and facilities to help its staff operate and maintain traditional technology such as mechanical signalling.
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On 27th September 2023, Network Rail and Freightliner hosted industry leaders to celebrate the official opening of its second Operational Training Academy, located in Doncaster Frenchgate Centre. The Operational Training Academy will prepare Freightliners freight train drivers for the introduction of in-cab digital signalling on the East Coast Main Line - South.
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Proposals to turn Ayr railway station 'grey' have been submitted by Network Rail and IDP Architects.
(Permalink) Ayr Network Rail

Network Rail has completed its 1m project to upgrade ageing track near Dalmuir station. The work, which began on Friday 22 September and ended this morning (Tuesday), included: Upgrading the track through the 127-year-old Dalmuir twin tunnels, which carry the railway underneath the Forth & Clyde Canal.
Renewal of switches and crossings, pieces of rail which move to allow trains to switch from one line of track to another, to the east of Dalmuir station.
Installation of new brackets to support the rails on Platform 5 at Dalmuir station.
(Permalink) Dalmuir Network Rail Track replacement

Dalmuir: Track renewal at the crossover east of Dalmuir station on the Clydebank route. This is used by trains approaching the terminating bay platform installed for the opening of the Argyle Line.
Network Rail /09/2023

New concerns have emerged over safety on Scotland's trains as it emerged a government spend on improvements to the nation's rail infrastructure is being 'cut' by £127m.
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Scotland's Railway will use specialist trains, timetable tweaks and innovative technology to keep passengers and freight running on time throughout autumn.
(Permalink) Leaves on the line Network Rail Scotland

All public bodies and companies responsible for public infrastructure must ensure it is able to cope with our changing climate
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

The rail body is being prosecuted at the High Court in Aberdeen over its failures in the decade before the tragedy, which killed three people in 2020.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

The driver of the ScotRail train who was among three people killed after it crashed into debris washed onto the tracks had just been told by a Network Rail signaller that 'everything's fine' moments before the derailment, the High Court in Aberdeen has heard. The revelation came as the UK Government-run infrastructure body admitted health and safety failings over the derailment at Carmont, south of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, on August 12, 2020.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

Network Rail is suspected to be fined after the train derailment but individuals should be held responsible, says Record View.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Comment Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

The railway operator admitted it didn't warn driver it was unsafe for train to run on section of track before derailment near Stonehaven.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

Survivor of train that derailed near Stonehaven in 2020 recounts her experience for the first time.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

The indictment alleges he was not told the track was unsafe before the fatal 2020 derailment.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

Railway safety will come under scrutiny with Network Rail, the UK's railway infrastructure company, set to face charges in relation to the 2020 Stonehaven rail crash.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

Ramblers Scotland has called for a court order to stop Network Rail from permanently closing the crossing.
(Permalink) Doubledykes Crossing Land Access Network Rail Ramblers Scotland

Network Rail has withheld annual bonuses from its union members who took part in strikes, in a move that threatens to further sour industrial relations. The state-owned railway infrastructure manager settled the pay dispute with its workforce in March this year, after RMT members voted to accept a rise worth 9% over two years.
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To help assess whether 'green' track renewals could be a viable option, Network Rail has ordered a trial batch of rails manufactured by Saarstahl using an electric arc furnace (EAF) Network Rail is seeking to understand the technical differences between EAF and non-EAF steel, particularly from a welding perspective. It also needs a viable logistics chain to its long-welded rail depot at Eastleigh.
(Permalink) Eastleigh Network Rail Saarstahl

South Ayrshire Council is moving forward with plans for a new station and transport hub.
(Permalink) ScotRail Ayr Ayr Gateway Ayr Station Hotel Network Rail South Ayrshire Council Transport Scotland

Ayr Station Hotel: The Station Hotel in Ayr closed in 2013 but was not put up for sale until 2017. Here it is on 10 October 2017, awaiting developments (or development).
David Panton 10/10/2017

Ayr Station Hotel: Barriers and scaffolding around Ayr's Station Hotel in January 2016. Built by the GSWR in 1866, the grade 2 listed building, which forms an integral part of Ayr station, closed in 2013, since when it ...
Colin Miller 05/01/2016

Ayr: The empty Station Hotel basks in the early morning sunlight overlooking Ayr station on 10 November 2014. Unfortunately this shows up the sad state of the building. At least the pigeons don't seem to h ...
Colin Miller 10/11/2014

South Ayrshire Council is working on a new vision for the main gateway into Ayr, including Burns Statue Square, as part of The Strategic Governance Group which includes Transport Scotland, Network Rail and ScotRail.
(Permalink) ScotRail Ayr Gateway Network Rail South Ayrshire Council Transport Scotland

Ayr: Eschewing the chance to take another exciting 380, my attention was drawn to the latest garden project at Ayr. Here is the new life Buddleia Plantation.
Colin Miller 23/04/2023

Ayr: Work is about to begin on a new staff accommodation block at Ayr station in the first phase of a programme that will unlock significant improvements for passengers and the operation of the station.
Network Rail //2020

Three people died when a train hit a landslide after heavy rain near Stonehaven in 2020. Network Rail is due to face criminal action at the High Court in Aberdeen on 7 September.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Drainage Landslide Landslip Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

Dog walkers sitting their pets on the tracks for photos, youths doing one-armed push ups and parents letting toddlers play on live railway lines, is just some of the incredibly dangerous behaviour caught on covert cameras this year at footpath level crossings in Worcestershire.
(Permalink) CCTV Level crossings Network Rail Safety

Railway executives at Network Rail, the government-administered infrastructure agency responsible for operating 20,000 miles of train track across Britain, have come under scrutiny for their astonishing choice to fly rather than take trains for their domestic travel needs. It has long been known that the organisation used domestic flights, but the extent of their use has now been revealed.
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A bee bank has been installed next to a repaired sink hole in Ayrshire as part of efforts to enhance biodiversity on and near the railway.

Network Rail Scotland completed emergency repair works last year on a section of the line between Kilmarnock and Barassie after the large hole appeared close to the tracks.

Following completion of these works, a team from Network Rail and Scottish Woodlands has worked to install the bee bank.
(Permalink) Bee bank Gatehead Network Rail Scottish Woodlands

Network Rail's Scotland Earthwork and Drainage Framework scooped UK Geotechnical Team of the Year at the 2023 Ground Engineering Awards in London.
(Permalink) Ground Engineering Awards Network Rail Network Rail Scotland

Network Rail Scotland published its £4.2bn, five-year plan today as it set out its ambition to deliver a safe, greener and more reliable railway.

Major investments in renewing the railway infrastructure, tackling climate change, greater use of technology, improving train performance and growing passenger and freight numbers are central to the plan.
(Permalink) Network Rail Scotland

Last year more than 2,600 air tickets were bought by staff at Network Rail, which operates 20,000 miles of train track across Britain. 985 tickets were for flights within Britain and 1,622 for trips abroad.
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Network Rail has added a pop of colour to St Roch's Primary School as part of their ongoing partnership.
(Permalink) Network Rail St Roch's Primary School

The Office of Rail and Roads annual assessment of Network Rail shows that the company delivered just 69% of planned work.
(Permalink) Network Rail Network Rail Scotland ORR

Stepped up security, drones and forensic marking agents have led to seven arrests since January 2023 as the rail industry cracks down on dangerous, disruptive and costly crime.
(Permalink) British Transport Police Network Rail

Scotland is the last of Network Rail's regions to commence procurement for CP7, with Southern and Wa...
(Permalink) CP7 Network Rail Network Rail Scotland Signalling

Edinburgh Waverley: New signalling being installed at Waverley in November 2006 on the the under-construction 'Balmoral' through platform on the north side of the station.
John Furnevel 25/11/2006

Glasgow Queen Street High Level: Network Rail's contractors showing their mettle at Queen Street on 4th July 2016: on the left headspan masts, signalling support and an H-beam, and to the right of the new signal gantry, an OHLE canti ...
Colin McDonald 04/07/2016

Montrose: Montrose North Cabin. Opposite is a strange new semaphore signal (partly covered) which protects a new crossover. Word is that the up line through Montrose station is to be bi-directional. When the ne ...
Brian Forbes 02/03/2008

Volunteers from Network Rail have helped carry out essential track maintenance on the East Lancashire Railway.
(Permalink) East Lancashire Railway Network Rail

Network Rail and its contractor, AmcoGiffen, will begin working round the clock on the Severn Estuary line to improve resilience from Monday 31 July to Friday 18 August.
(Permalink) Gloucestershire Monmouthshire Network Rail

A new lifesaving defibrillator has been installed at North Queensferry Community Complex by Network Rail and its contractor Balfour Beatty.
(Permalink) Balfour Beatty Defibrillator Forth Bridge Network Rail North Queensferry Community Complex

Network Rail has been preparing to keep passengers moving throughout the next few months. Rails in direct sunlight can be as much as 20C hotter than air temperatures and expand as they heat up, causing them to curve or buckle. Engineers have been stressing sections of track (artificially stretching the rails) in known hot-spot areas to help them cope with sudden rises in temperature and painting the rails white in key locations to reflect the sun, keeping them up to 10C cooler and helping prevent buckling.

Overhead electric power lines can also expand in prolonged heat, causing them to sag, which can disrupt train services on busy routes as speed restrictions need
to be introduced to prevent trains snagging on the wires. To combat this, the tension in the wires at some locations has been adjusted to levels that will help prevent sagging and keep trains running.

Remote temperature monitoring equipment has been installed on rails at known hotspots allowing decisions on whether to implement speed restrictions to be made in real-time when necessary for safety reasons.
(Permalink) Heat Network Rail OLE Rail buckling Remote temperature monitoring equipment

Engineers have worked around the clock to safely reopen Nuneham Viaduct, in Oxfordshire, a day early, on Friday 9 June, following an intensive ten-week programme of work.
(Permalink) Bridge repair Network Rail Nuneham Viaduct

Nuneham Viaduct: Work on Nuneham Viaduct on the 12th of April. Engineers have worked around the clock to safely reopen Nuneham Viaduct, in Oxfordshire, a day early, on Friday 9 June, following an intensive ten-week pr ...
Network Rail 12/04/2023

Network Rail will soon begin overnight tree and vegetation management on a 4 mile stretch of the West Coast main line between Cambuslang and Uddingston.
(Permalink) Cambuslang Network Rail Uddingston Vegetation removal

Cambuslang: A Lanark to Glasgow Central service departs from Cambuslang on 3 September 2021. 385043 was leading and 385040 the rear set.
John McIntyre 03/09/2021

Uddingston: An Edinburgh to Glasgow Central stopping service pulls in Uddingston on 24 August 2019.
David Panton 24/08/2019

Glenrothes MP Peter Grant was speaking during a UK Parliament debate as part of the growing campaign to keep the crossing open.
(Permalink) Double Dykes Level Crossing Land access Levenmouth Line Network Rail Right of Way

Double Dykes Level Crossing: New signage at the Double Dykes Level Crossing, looking towards Thornton North Junction on 26th October 2022.
Bill Roberton 26/10/2022

Philip Haigh examines Network Rail's Strategic Business Plan - and the need to balance expensive renewals in favour of short-term maintenance fixes.
(Permalink) Network Rail Strategic Business Plan

In the last three months, Network Rail has invested more than £2million to improve safety and performance on the West Coast Main Line.
(Permalink) Carstairs Network Rail

Carstairs: Pendolino bypassing the re-opened Carstairs station.
John Yellowlees 30/05/2023

Carstairs: The platform track at Carstairs has been renewed. 390117 passes the station with the 05.31 from Euston to Glasgow Central on 9 May 2023.
Bill Roberton 09/05/2023

Carstairs: Direct weekday services between Glasgow and Carlisle will resume on Monday (April 24) following completion of the latest phase of the £164m project to upgrade Carstairs junction on the West Coas ...
Network Rail /04/2023

Network Rail today published its £44bn, five-year plan (2024-29, Control Period 7 CP7) for the railway in England and Wales that sees increased investment in tackling climate change, improving train performance from current levels, investing in things that matter most to passengers and freight users, and making our green railway, even greener.
(Permalink) CP7 Control Period 7 England Network Rail Wales

Passengers and freight at heart of 8.5bn railway investment in Network Rail's North West and Central of England regions over next five years. Climate change resilience, passenger and worker safety and train performance recognised as fundamental to running a reliable and efficient railway. Readying existing infrastructure during HS2 construction vital for future journeys and increasing passenger capacity.
(Permalink) CP7 Control Period 7 England Network Rail Wales

ORR has today written to Network Rail over concerns about a backlog in examining the condition of its railway structures such as bridges, tunnels and culverts. This is an important issue. If Network Rail does not complete the overall examination process at the required intervals, faults could be undetected (or detected but not assessed). In some cases this could lead to a safety issue. It can also result in speed restrictions being put in place to mitigate the safety risk, meaning trains dont run on time.
(Permalink) Bridges Culverts Network Rail ORR Railway structures Safety Tunnels

Network rail has provided more information about works which will see trains to Barrhead on the Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock line replaced by buses.
(Permalink) Barrhead East Kilbride Electrification Glasgow Central Network Rail

With data from inter-city operator LNER suggesting that that Fridays and Sundays are now the most popular days for travel on the East Coast Main Line, infrastructure manager Network Rail is to undertake engineering work mid-week rather than at the weekend as a trial.
(Permalink) Engineering work Network Rail

Trains on a busy line from Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock will be replaced by buses for the entirety of July, ScotRail has announced.
(Permalink) Barrhead Dunlop East Kilbride Electrification Glasgow Central Kilmaurs Network Rail ScotRail Stewarton

Volunteers from Network Rail helped Queens Park Community Orchard and the Friends of Elder Park to create a lasting legacy in the city.
(Permalink) Friends of Elder Park Network Rail Propagate Scotland Queens Park Community Orchard

Network Rail has announced that the temporary bridge carrying traffic across the river during the demolition of the River Leven - Bawbee bridge will open on Friday May 5 with an anticipated time of 15.00.
(Permalink) Bawbee Bridge Leven Levenmouth Network Rail River Leven

Leven: Network Rail has announced that the temporary bridge carrying traffic across the river during the demolition of the River Leven – Bawbee – bridge will open on Friday May 5 with an anticipa ...
Network Rail /05/2023

Leven: Work is underway to install a temporary bridge structure and build a road to enable the demolition and reconstruction of the A955 Leven Rail (Bawbee) bridge. Construction of the new temporary cross ...
Network Rail /03/2023

Leven: The diversion route takes traffic from the A955/B933 roundabout, through the swimming pool car park and across the river via the temporary bridge. Traffic will then join the existing road network at t ...
Network Rail /05/2023

Network Rail, working in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Design Museum (London), invites proposals for the design of a timepiece to display and communicate time across the UK national rail network.
(Permalink) Clock Network Rail Royal Institute of British Architects Timepiece

Network Rail have invested more than £30,000 in installing new gates and fencing at the crossing.
(Permalink) Ben Alder Level Crossing Land access Network Rail

Every five years the priorities for investment by Network Rail are determined by the setting out of a High Level Output Statement (HLOS) by its funders. In Scotland this is Transport Scotland. This statement includes what the Scottish Ministers require the railway industry to achieve during the next Control Period. Usually shortened to CP, the current CP6 ends on 31 March 2024 and CP7 then runs until 31 March 2029.
(Permalink) High Level Output Statement Network Rail Railfreight Transport Scotland

Three key pieces of travel advice are being released for music fans planning journeys by rail when the Eurovision song contest comes to Liverpool next month.
(Permalink) Eurovision Network Rail

Potholes that riddled the historic Springfield Heritage Trail have been repaired thanks to the efforts of councils and councillors alike.
(Permalink) Network Rail Quintinshill Railway access Springfield Heritage Trail

The policy explains how we will hold Network Rail to account against the requirements in their network licence and the final determination we will make as part of our 2023 Periodic Review (PR23). What's changing? This updates our previous policy and while we've not made that many changes we've taken the opportunity to clarify wording and reflected new approaches for CP7 ...
(Permalink) Network Rail ORR

The railway between Didcot Parkway and Oxford will not reopen until earlyJune following the closure of Nuneham viaduct in Oxfordshire for safety reasons on Monday 3 April, as Network Rail engineers work around the clock to repair the structure.
(Permalink) Didcot Parkway Network Rail Nuneham viaduct Oxford

The results of a feasibility study for the Department for Transport (DfT) into a new railway station for Devizes have been released today by Network Rail.
(Permalink) Devizes Network Rail

ScotRail has been paid more than £6.5 million in compensation for strike disruption which forced the cancellation of 40,000 trains.
(Permalink) Compensation Network Rail ScotRail Strike

On Thursday 23 March, three years after the first Covid-19 lockdown, the rail industry came together to hold a memorial day to celebrate the vital role played by its people during the pandemic, while also remembering those from the industry who lost their lives to the virus.
(Permalink) COVID-19 Network Rail

A stand-off close to a remote railway station in Caithness on Wednesday saw Network Rail workers blocked from accessing the railway line at Altnabreac.

It is understood that two people were involved in blocking the route to the railway on the tracks which lead from the road-end at Loch More to the station. One vehicle is said to have been used to block an access route, while another person apparently 'chained themselves' to a gate.
(Permalink) Altnabreac Network Rail

Altnabreac: Altnabreac in its splendid isolation. Looking south towards Forsinard in 1994. The water tank still exists behind the photographer.
Ewan Crawford //1994

Last week thousands of members of staff went on strike.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT

Passengers are being advised of changes to their journeys as the first phase of work to upgrade Carstairs Junction nears completion.
(Permalink) Carstairs Junction renewal Network Rail Track renewal

Carstairs South Junction: A March 2023 aerial view of ongoing track renewal and remodelling at Carstairs South Junction.
Network Rail /03/2023

ScotRail has confirmed that its services will operate as normal tomorrow (Thursday), following the suspension of planned strike action by RMT members of Network Rail. The RMT trade unions planned strike action by its members at Network Rail on Thursday, 16 March 2023 as well as an overtime ban over the coming weeks have been suspended to allow a referendum on a new pay offer from Network Rail to take place.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail

Avanti West Coast and Network Rail announce on International Women's Day that popular mural will remain in place at Euston station.
(Permalink) Avanti West Coast Network Rail

The RMT Union has suspended all strike action for members of Network Rail after a new pay offer
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers' union (RMT) has suspended all industrial action on Network Rail after they received a new pay offer.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT

Commuters will have the chance to grab some pre-loved fashion bargains later this month, with the money raised helping Shelter Scotland amidst the housing emergency. The pop-up is a result of Shelter Scotlands partnership with Network Rail. The organisations have been working together since 2019 as part of the railway operators charter to tackle homelessness on its network.
(Permalink) Glasgow Central Network Rail Shelter Scotland

Network Rail Scotland is committing £329,000 for Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) to use in what is the most ambitious biodiversity enhancement project ever to take place on Scotland's Railway.

The two-year project will help to compensate for biodiversity lost during safety-critical tree and vegetation management works across Scotland's rail network.
(Permalink) Biodiversity Glenfinnan Glenfinnan Viaduct Network Rail

Glenfinnan Viaduct: An industry-leading pilot project to enhance natural habitats near the iconic Glenfinnan viaduct has begun. The project area sits within Scotland’s endangered Atlantic rainforest zone. The re ...
Network Rail //2023

Glenfinnan Viaduct: Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan Viaduct and the afternoon Jacobite heading for Mallaig, hauled by Black 5 No. 45407.
John Gray 25/05/2016

Glenfinnan Viaduct: Black 5 No. 45407 leaves an attractive smoke trail as it crosses Glenfinnan Viaduct on 10 October 2012 with The Jacobite steam service to Mallaig.
John Gray 10/10/2012

Though a deal has been agreed with ScotRail, disruption elsewhere in the network affects trains north of the border.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT

A new report, commissioned by Scotland's Railway and undertaken by Sustrans has revealed more 26 million active travel journeys were taken to stations last year.
(Permalink) Active Travel Network Rail ScotRail Scotland's Railway Sustrans

Glasgow Queen Street High Level: The cycling half of the repurposed Class 153 ('Highland Explorer'), seen during its official launch at Queen Street on 14th July 2021. On the right is confirmation that the new units will be ab ...
John Yellowlees 14/07/2021

Scotland's newest railway station uses new signalling technology which improves safety, sustainability and efficiency of railways. Rail passengers using Inverness Airport station from today will be the first in Scotland to benefit from the new Westrace Modular modular signalling technology manufactured in Chippenham, Wiltshire. The project is part of a collaboration between Siemens Mobility and Network Rail which is making improvements across Scotland's railways.
(Permalink) Inverness Airport Network Rail Siemens

Network Rail has begun work to make Scotlands Railway more accessible by installing tactile paving on platform edges at 148 stations.
(Permalink) Accessibility Network Rail Tactile paving

Network Rail will reportedly be prosecuted for its failings over the Stonehaven railway crash in which three people were killed.
(Permalink) Carmont Carron Water Bridge [West Carmont] Derailment Landslide Network Rail Stonehaven derailment

Network Rail and Varamis Rail, the UK's newest train operator, have worked together to launch an innovative, zero carbon freight service. The service, which launched last week, will run between Scotland and the Midlands, Monday to Friday. Targeted at express parcels and third-party delivery companies, it will primarily deal with next day delivery of consumer goods.
(Permalink) Network Rail Varamis Rail

An ambitious project to create a direct link connecting Falmouth and Newquay has been awarded almost £50 million of funding. The Mid Cornwall Metro scheme is the only successful bid out of four to be submitted by Cornwall Council for Levelling Up funding from the government. It has received £49.95m to develop a scheme with Great Western Railway and Network Rail.
(Permalink) Cornwall Cornwall Council Falmouth Great Western Railway Mid Cornwall Metro Network Rail Newquay

Falmouth Docks: FGW 150246 sits at the buffers at Falmouth Docks as it waits to head north to Truro on 14 October 2015.
John McIntyre 14/10/2015

Newquay: Bring me sunshine - exceptional weather for the time of year, but at Newquay, not Morecambe. The single car diesel unit, no. 153318, will soon travel back to Par on 29 November. The palm trees on the ...
Ken Strachan 29/11/2014

Par: The Newquay train emerges from the stabling siding into Platform 3 at Par. 150248 is just passing the signalbox and lower quadrant semaphores. Trains from this platform can either turn right towards S ...
Mark Bartlett 15/06/2010

A cold calling firm which made 200 million calls in four months put lives at risk by clogging up Network Rail lines, a report has found. Dunbartonshire-based CRDNN Ltd has been fined £500,000 by a government watchdog after plaguing homes and businesses with around 1.5 million automated calls a day with offers on windows, debt management, conservatories and boilers. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) said calls to Network Rail's Banavie Control Centre, near Fort William put lives at risk by clogging up the line for drivers and pedestrians at unmanned level crossings, who were calling to check whether or not it was safe to cross the rails.
(Permalink) Banavie Network Rail

Network Rail joins charity to encourage staff and public to have a cuppa and a catch-up instead for the charity's annual Brew Monday campaign.
(Permalink) Brew Monday Network Rail Samaritans

In Scotland, RMT Network Rail members took industrial action causing disruption to services across the country.
(Permalink) ASLEF Network Rail RMT

Network Rail closed the level-crossing at Dalwhinnie to the public - and by doing so, illegally obstructed a public right of way.
(Permalink) Ben Alder Level Crossing Cairnforms National Park Authority Dalwhinnie Land Access Network Rail Public Right of Way Strathspey Herald

Ben Alder Level Crossing: A view looking west of the Ben Alder Level Crossing, just south of Dalwhinnie station, in 2000.
Ewan Crawford //2000

The last day in the latest stretch of railway strikes has begun, ending a run of almost four weeks of continuous disruption caused by industrial action over pay and working conditions. Only about one in five trains across Great Britain will run on Saturday as a 48-hour walkout by members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union concludes, with no early morning or evening services and a pared-back schedule on main intercity and urban lines.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT Strike

Scotrail services are severely disrupted as the second day of Network Rail strikes gets underway.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail Strike

ScotRail is reminding customers to expect significant disruption during this week's strike action by RMT members of Network Rail. Although the dispute does not involve ScotRail staff it will have a major impact on the train operators ability to provide services as the RMT planned action involves Network Rail staff in Scotland. Around 40,000 RMT union members at Network Rail will take UK-wide strike action on Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Friday 6, and Saturday 7 January, resulting from a pay dispute with the track and infrastructure operator.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail Strike

There will be no trains in Inverclyde for several days as Network Rail staff go on strike once again.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT

Rail chiefs are working to arrange replacement buses, but none have been confirmed so far.
(Permalink) Bowling Branchton Cancellations Flooding Network Rail ScotRail Weather

Three Network Rail employees have been recognised for their outstanding contributions in the King's New Years Honours List.
(Permalink) King's New Years Honours List Network Rail

Scotland's Railway will be working hard to run as many trains as possible for customers during two 48-hour RMT strikes on January 3/4 and January 6/7.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail Strike Strikes

ScotRail is warning rail usersto expect significant disruption during the latest round of strike action by RMT members of Network Rail.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail Strike Strikes

ScotRail is warning customers to expect significant disruption during the latest round of strike action by RMT members of Network Rail. The dispute does not involve ScotRail staff, however, it will have a major impact on the train operators ability to provide services as the RMT planned action involves Network Rail staff in Scotland.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail

Train strikes for five days in the first week of January have the potential to bring commuters to a standstill. Rail workers, who are members of Aslef and RMT unions, have announced the next round of strikes between Tuesday January 3 until Saturday 7, with potential of disruption into Sunday 8.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail

Some trains started running on Tuesday morning but others will not return until later in the day.
(Permalink) Network Rail RMT ScotRail

Train operator, Northern has issued fresh Do Not Travel guidance for its customers across the North of England for the first week of 2023.
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An options survey will be undertaken by Network Rail and concluded by mid-March to see if a solution is affordable.
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ScotRail is urging customers to plan their journey in advance over the Christmas period with services severely impacted by the latest round of strike action by RMT members of Network Rail. The dispute does not involve ScotRail staff, however, it will have a major impact on the train operators ability to provide services as the RMT planned action involves Network Rail staff in Scotland.
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With RMT strikes planned on Christmas Eve, trains will stop much earlier than usual. The last train to some key destinations will be as early as 11:00. Passengers should only take the train if it's absolutely necessary, expect disruption and travel the day before wherever they can. Engineering work through York station will also mean changes to services between 24 Dec - 2 Jan.
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ScotRail ran just 12 routes in certain areas of the country on Friday and Saturday after RMT members at Network Rail walked out.
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Network Rail workers are staging the second of two 48-hour walk-outs on Friday.
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Members of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) backed the deal by 85% in a ballot.
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Railway staff have begun a two-day walkout causing significant disruption to Scotland's rail network, with services in Aberdeenshire, Moray and the Highlands among the most affected.
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Tens of thousands of rail workers will strike on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week - with the freezing weather also threatening to disrupt travel
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The first of two 48-hour strikes at Network Rail and 14 train companies are to begin on Tuesday (Dec 13) after members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) rejected a pay offer.
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Rail passengers in Inverclyde are facing the prospect of almost a full week of travel misery as services look set to grind to a halt for FIVE DAYS.
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More strikes are taking place in December and January.
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ScotRail customers are being reminded that services will be significantly disrupted this week during the latest round of strike action by RMT members of Network Rail. The pay dispute does not involve ScotRail staff, however, it will have a major impact on the train operators ability to provide services as the RMT planned action involves Network Rail staff in Scotland. For ScotRail customers, this means a limited number of services will operate on a reduced number of routes for five days from Tuesday, 13 until Sunday, 18 December.
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ScotRail have confirmed that were will be NO services running to and from Inverclyde until Sunday.
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Industry working hard to run as many trains as possible for customers during two 48-hour RMT strikes on December 13/14 and 16/17. Strike action will also cause significant disruption to routes across the country on December 15. Scotlands Railway will remain open when RMT members at train companies in England and Wales begin action short of a strike from December 18.
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West Coast main line passengers are being warned of major delays after 25,000-volt overhead cables which power trains came down outside London Euston station.
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Network Rail has been taking steps to plan for extreme weather conditions.
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Network Rail supporting new Heritage Park with donations of materials and expert advice. Work on the development of a heritage park within the former Prestongrange Colliery and Brickworks between Prestonpans and Musselburgh has received a major boost with the donation of materials and expertise from Network Rail.
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Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum: Preserved rail-mounted 4w vertical boilered steam crane no 130, built by Whitaker Brothers of Horsforth, Leeds, circa 1890. Photographed on 19 September 2012 in the yard at Prestongrange Industrial He ...
John Furnevel 19/09/2012

Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum: English Electric D908 of 1964, donated by British Alcan, Falkirk, being delivered to Prestongrange Museum in the 1980s, though John Kirk seems to be pulling it back on to the low-loader!
Bill Roberton //

Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum: NCB Pug No 6 gives (short) van trips to visitors at Prestongrange Industrial Museum in May 1995.
David Panton /05/1995

Jenny Gilruth told the Record train services across Scotland would be 'hammered' in December unless Tory ministers could quickly resolve a dispute with Network Rail.
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