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Dalmuir (1897-1952)
Dalmuir Park (1952-1973)
Dalmuir (1973-)

Opened on the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway.

Opened on the Clydebank to Dalmuir (North British Railway).

Open on the West Highland Line.
Open on the Glasgow to Helensburgh.


This is a five platform station. There are two platforms on the Singer route and to the north two platforms on the Clydebank route and a bay to the north of those, served from the Clydebank direction.

To the west is Dalmuir Park Junction and to the east the Clydebank line burrows under the Singer line.

This station replaced its predecessor Dalmuir [1st] which was to the immediate east on the Singer line. It was moved west to add the platforms on the Clydebank route.

The bay platform was added with the Argyle Line opened.

Dalmuir House (1810-1929) was to the north of the station.