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The drivers' union will not go ahead with a fresh run of walkouts that were due to begin next month.
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The Aslef train drivers union has announced plans for a series of one-day strikes and an overtime ban, both of which will affect TransPennine Express and Avanti West Coast.
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The train drivers union Aslef has called an extra five days of strikes at LNER in response to the threatened imposition of minimum service levels at the state-run London - Scotland service. The controversial legislation, brought in by the government in late 2023, is likely to be trialled for the first time in the latest round of rail strikes.
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The train drivers' union Aslef said the type of train involved in the incident during Storm Gerrit was 'outdated'.
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Strike action and an overtime ban has been planned by train drivers' union ASLEF in December in long-running dispute over pay.
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The strikes involving LNER, Avanti West Coast and CrossCountry are set to impact on services running to and from Scotland. Train drivers are to stage a series of one-day strikes and a nine-day ban on overtime next month in their long-running dispute over pay.
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Drivers to stage fresh series of 24-hour strikes and overtime ban, as RMT signals possible breakthrough. The train drivers union, Aslef, will stage a series of one-day strikes and call an overtime ban across England's operating companies at the start of December, ratcheting up the national rail dispute again. Drivers at each company will strike for 24 hours on dates between Saturday 2 and Friday 8 December, and will refuse to work overtime between Friday 1 and Saturday 9 December, causing more disruption for operators that rely on rest day working.
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ScotRail has confirmed that its services will be unaffected when members of the train drivers' union, ASLEF, take part in industrial action.
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Avanti West Coast confirms travel advice for customers during latest strike action by ASLEF and RMT.
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It will be the 12th one-day strike by Aslef members since the dispute started over a year ago.
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ASLEF, the train drivers trade union, has today announced that its members have voted to accept the recent pay offer made by ScotRail.
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People travelling to and from Carlisle on ScotRail trains have been warned they could see some disruption due to industrial action by the RMT and ASLEF.
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Fifteen rail operators affected after Aslef members add week starting Monday 7 August to industrial action. Rail passengers are facing further disruption over the summer holidays after train drivers announced another week-long overtime ban in a long-running dispute over pay. Members of the drivers union, Aslef, will refuse to work extra hours from Monday 7 August to Saturday 12 August.
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Dispute involves 16 train operators in England from 3-8 July, and cross-border services may also be affected. Rail passengers across Britain have been warned to expect disruption this week as train drivers stage fresh industrial action. The drivers union Aslef has called an overtime ban from Monday 3 July until the end of Saturday 8 July at 16 train operators around England, in the long-running dispute over pay and conditions on the railway.
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Both the Aslef and RMT unions are taking action which is likely to affect services at Lockerbie.
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Aslef says the pay offer was below inflation and calls for pay talks to be reopened immediately.
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ASLEF, the train drivers union, has had significant pay offers from ScotRail and Transport for Wales which we are recommending and putting to members for their decision.

The four-year TfW offer is for 8.9%, backdated to 1 April, taking drivers to £63,200. With another 7.9% on 1 April 2024 taking drivers to £68,300. A further 4.1% in December 2024 taking drivers to £71,000. And a further increase on 1 April 2025 of RPI (as it stands in February 2025).
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Aslef and RMT workers are walking out on Friday and Saturday.
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Strike action by ASLEF and the RMT union will bring significant disruption to Northern services across the North of England on two days next week.
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ASLEF announces 24-hour stoppages as well as overtime bans across Great Britain in long-running dispute.
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Members of Aslef union to stage second 24-hour strike this week in long-running pay dispute. No trains will run across most of England on Friday as drivers in the Aslef union stage their second 24-hour strike this week. Drivers will strike as part of the long-running pay dispute at 14 train operating companies, leaving passengers facing disruption around Britain.
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ScotRail has confirmed that its services will operate as normal on Wednesday, 1 February and Friday, 3 February, when members of two rail trade unions, RMT and ASLEF, take part in planned strike action. The planned strike action on 1 and 3 February is a result of a dispute between the trade unions and a number of other train operating companies across the UK, and does not involve any ScotRail staff.
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The leader of train drivers union ASLEF can see no end to the current disputes unless Government permits train operators to offer larger pay rises.
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In Scotland, RMT Network Rail members took industrial action causing disruption to services across the country.
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Avanti West Coast issues travel advice to customers as services set to be disrupted by RMT and ASLEF strike action.
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ASLEF members will walk out on January 5, as RMT workers stage further action in a dispute over pay.
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ASLEF said reforming fares would contribute to meeting net-zero targets and help Scots during the cost of living crisis.
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Aslef is leading the latest round of rail strike action today, affecting 11 train operators nationwide.
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The RMT announced the move ahead of the Aslef train drivers union taking action on Saturday
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Lockerbie: The 1S51 Preston to Glasgow Central, operated with TPE 397003, departs from Lockerbie on 8 July 2021.
John McIntyre 08/07/2021

Lockerbie: The 13.40 Glasgow Central - London Euston Pendolino runs through Lockerbie's platform 2 at speed on 11 June 2013.
John Furnevel 11/06/2013

Following co-ordinated strike action by the RMT, Aslef and TSSA last weekend, and another Aslef walkout yesterday, there will be more disruption for passengers this Saturday owing to further RMT strike action.
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Aslef union members at 13 rail companies walk out on Wednesday in a row over pay and conditions.
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Members of the ASLEF union are set to strike across 12 rail companies, although ScotRail staff are not included in the dispute.
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Postal workers are beginning 19 days of strike action and rail services are severely disrupted.
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With the RMT, Aslef and TSSA coordinating strike action on Saturday 1 October, only around 11% of services will operate, and there will be no trains at all across significant parts of the country. Trains that do run will start later and finish much earlier than usual, so passengers are asked to only travel by rail if absolutely necessary. Those who must travel should expect disruption, plan ahead and check when their last train will depart. Train drivers at 14 operators are also walking out on Wednesday 5 October, meaning disruption for passengers on those routes. The RMT is then staging another walkout on Saturday 8 October. The timetable for the Aslef strike on 5 October will be published on National Rail Enquiries later this week, while the timetable for Saturday 8 October will be published early next week.
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ScotRail is warning customers to expect significant disruption during the latest round of strike action by RMT members of Network Rail. The RMT union announced its members at Network Rail will take part in 24-hour strike action on Saturday, 1 October and Saturday, 8 October, across the Great Britain railway network resulting from a pay dispute with the track and infrastructure operator. For ScotRail customers, this means a very limited number of services will operate on a limited number of routes.
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Members of the Aslef union will walk out on October 1 and 5 at 12 rail companies across the UK.
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A drivers strike in October will help mask the service failures of one of Britain's main train operators. Like England Test cricketers cowardly praying for rain, Avanti West Coast, the operator of trains on Britain's main intercity artery, could well be thanking the heavens for the latest intervention to mask its failures. A nationwide drivers strike coinciding with the Conservative conference in Birmingham in October will at least provide a handy excuse when thousands of London-based ministers, MPs, their political aides and other influential visitors are confronted with the extraordinary prospect of not being able to book a train between the UKs two largest cities.
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After two other coordinated strikes by union in July and August, stoppage likely to be its most disruptive to date Train drivers will go on strike again next month in an escalation of the long-running dispute over pay and conditions on the railway, with a 24-hour strike at 12 companies that will stop many services across Great Britain.
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Cross-border services will not reach three major Scottish cities tomorrow as the nation is hit by a one-day train strike.
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Rail services will be severely disrupted on Saturday because of a strike by train drivers in the latest outbreak of industrial unrest in the industry.
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ScotRail has announced that it will restore its timetable back to May 2022 levels from Wednesday, 20 July, after members of the drivers union ASLEF voted to accept the improved pay offer. It brings an end to the temporary timetable that has been in place since 23 May and means almost 700 services per day will be added for customers. The temporary timetable had been introduced due to the impact of a significant number of drivers declining to make themselves available for overtime or rest day working, as they are entitled to do, during the pay dispute.
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Today (Monday, 11 July), drivers union ASLEF has confirmed that its members have voted to accept the improved pay offer made by ScotRail, which includes a 5 per cent increase in basic pay and ground-breaking revenue share premium. The union had recommended that members accept the deal when it was put to a vote where ballots closed on Friday, 8 July.
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ScotRail train drivers have been voting on whether to accept a pay deal from transport bosses after weeks of timetable chaos for passengers.
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It's looking likely to be a crunch week next week for ScotRail passengers.
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Nearly 8,000 refunds were made to passengers who faced travel disruption.
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What has always struck me about railway workers is their fierce pride for the industry.
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Union Aslef's National Executive Committee agreed to ballot members on Wednesday.
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Attempts to reduce union rights will be met the fiercest resistance.
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Ministers are facing a ferocious backlash from public sector workers after agreeing a 'breakthrough' 5% pay deal to train drivers which could end a row which has led to major cuts to nationalised ScotRail services.
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Talks to end a bitter pay dispute between the newly-nationalised operator and union Aslef resumed on Thursday morning.
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Aslef and Scotland's rail provider aim to reach an agreement after an earlier pay offer was rejected.
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It comes as a third of train services remain cancelled after drivers refused to work overtime or on rest days.
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The union which is negotiating with ScotRail during a bitter pay row has said that todays talks have been adjourned until later in the week.
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Union organiser believes a strike-avoiding deal is 'close', but the ball is in ScotRail's court.
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More than 50 nationalised ScotRail train services have been cancelled today - despite the timetable being slashed due to driver shortages to provide greater certainty and reliability.
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Nationalised ScotRail have been told they have gone too far with cutting services during the crippling pay dispute - as union leaders say drivers have been sitting around doing nothing.
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Trade union leaders have warned strike action is still on the table if ScotRail doesnt provide a new and improved pay deal but do you think train drivers are paid fairly?
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Nationalised ScotRail would not hold urgent talks to end a service-crippling pay dispute until next week - because of the Queens' Platinum Jubilee bank holiday, union leaders say.
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A key union leader has claimed a pay deal with ScotRail is close as talks were confirmed for Monday in a bid to break a deadlock that has restricted train services across the country.
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Nationalised ScotRail is facing months of chaos, after a 'final' 4.2% staff pay offer was rejected without ever being put to train drivers.
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A train drivers union has claimed the 'ball is clearly in Scotrail's corner' after it rejecteda 4.3% pay increase offer.
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Aslef said it would ballot for industrial action unless the operator comes up with a better deal.
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Stagecoach Highland will run a bus between Inverness and Caithness to pick up passengers stranded by ScotRail cuts.
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ScotRail has warned that even if the ongoing driver pay dispute is resolved soon, services will not return to normal for at least 10 days.
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The last train home for Scots on a Saturday night out has been brought forward by four hours in some parts amidst ongoing nationalised ScotRail disruption due to the train drivers' dispute.
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MSP Jamie Greene says businesses will need to be compensated for the drastic cut to local rail services.
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Passengers aboard the 12.22pm train from Glasgow Queen Street to Oban today have raised concerns about overcrowding.
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Train drivers have been offered an improved 4.2% pay offer by ScotRail to try and end the crippling newly nationalised ScotRail pay dispute which has seen a third of services cut.
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Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar raised the plight of commuters having to fork out for taxis due to the rail crisis.
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Swinney said he was 'very confident' extra services would be put on for the Scotland v Ukraine match next week.
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Temporary ScotRail service cuts will 'undeniably' result in more people driving cars, an environmental campaign group fears.
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ScotRail will commence formal talks with rail union Aslef over a pay dispute that forced the operator to introduce an emergency timetable and cut 1,000 weekly services.
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ScotRail is under mounting pressure to improve the 'unusable skeleton service' operating on the Far North Line between Inverness and Caithness following temporary cuts.
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Gig-goers are said to be cancelling tickets as their last train leaves before headline acts start.
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State-controlled ScotRail cancelled or curtailed more than 60 train trips due to driver shortages on the day over a third of services were scrapped 'to give greater certainty' to the public.
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Passengers on the West Highland Line and the Far North Rail Line are raising concerns about lack of ScotRail trains to take them to hospital appointments in the cities.
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The recovery of Edinburgh's festivals from the pandemic is being threatened by the prospect of strike action by railway workers targeting the citys events, organisers have warned.
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Representatives from across the political spectrum have called for full-time train services between Alloa and Glasgow to be reinstated.
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A reduced timetable began this morning, with more than 700 services cut across the country.
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The Scottish Government has said work is under way to recruit more train drivers and reliance on rest-day working must stop.
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Almost 700 train services are temporarily removed after a pay row triggered a wave of driver shortages.
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ScotRails reduced timetable is due to begin today, with more than 700 services cut across the country.
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Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar takes a swipe at the savage cut to rail services in his latest column for the Daily Record.
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ScotRail must be ordered to resume talks with train drivers union Aslef in an attempt to avert huge service cuts, politicians have demanded.
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A temporary timetable due to a pay dispute means some last services will leave as early as 18:00.
(Permalink) ASLEF Aberdeen Cancellations ScotRail Timetabling

On April 1, when the Scottish Government took ScotRail into public ownership, Aslef union organiser Kevin Lindsay hailed it as a momentous day saying the train company was back in its rightful place.
(Permalink) ASLEF Cancellations Comment ScotRail Timetabling

From Monday, 23 May, ScotRail will introduce a temporary timetable to provide greater certainty and reliability for customers.
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The operator apologised for cutting a third of trains and blamed an ongoing shortage of drivers.
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Union leaders have warned of the 'worst cuts to rail services since the dark days of Beeching' by newly-nationalised ScotRail amidst an ongoing pay dispute which has led to hundreds of service cancellations due to driver shortages.
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Hundreds of trains services have been cancelled or curtailed this week due to driver shortages linked to a bitter pay dispute ahead of a possible summer of discontent on the newly-nationalised Scots rail network.
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Union leaders at Aslef say they have no option but to hold the ballot amid a dispute over pay.
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Drivers' union Aslef has balloted its members in an ongoing wages dispute with operator ScotRail.
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Scotlands trade union movement has backed calls for a public inquiry into the 2020 Carmont derailment in which three men died.
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Transport bosses failed to reach an agreementwhen Aslef met with ScotRail today to discuss a pay increase amid rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis.
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Daily Record exclusive: Train drivers trade union ASLEF now claims lives could have been saved if its warning had been heeded. Rail safety watchdogs repeatedly ignored drivers concerns about the model of train at the centre of the deadly Stonehaven crash, the Daily Record can reveal. The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) rejected calls by train drivers trade union ASLEF for a probe into the decades-old HST fleet two years before the tragedy.
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The future of transport policy in Scotland looks set to become increasingly politicised.
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A fresh deal is expected to be put to railway workers after six months of industrial action, the Scottish government says.
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ScotRail strikes that have frustrated passengers on Sundays since the spring are set to escalate amid increasing tensions between trade unions and Abellio managers.
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Ministers have been strongly criticised for a lack of action to halt a 'national embarrassment' ScotRail dispute as it was confirmed strikes will bring the nation's railways to a standstill during 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.
(Permalink) ASLEF Abellio COP26 Industrial Action RMT ScotRail Stikes TSSA Unite

Transport Minister claims unions and company management are being 'actively encouraged' to resolve the industrial action.
(Permalink) ASLEF Abellio Industrial Action RMT ScotRail Stikes TSSA Unite

Unions have demanded a face-to-face meeting with Nicola Sturgeon to call on her to reject ScotRail plans to axe 300 services each day - as leaders made an 11th hour call for rail managers to enter negotiations with an open mind to prevent Cop 26 trains disruption.
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Scotland's main train operator today faced further potential disruption with its four main unions jointly announcing they were considering industrial action votes over pay.
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