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Northern is preparing for the return of commuters as 78% of rail users in the North say they will be turning to trains when pandemic restrictions are fully lifted.
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Samantha Newton told MailOnline shewas forced to put her belongings on the seat next to her on a crowded service between Hull and Halifax.
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Northern is supporting a collaborative community art project celebrating Shildons heritage as the worlds first railway town.
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Northern has issued the following statement after a fault was identified on the new fleet of trains built by CAF.
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Northern is partnering with Specialist Awareness Services to transform three flagship stations into autism friendly hubs.
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Northern rail says it's looking to recruit its next cohort of apprentices.

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Northern is asking its customers not to travel on the Calder Valley route until further notice after heavy snowfall has caused significant disruption.
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102 Pacers have now fully retired. In more than 35 years, Pacers have travelled over 300 million miles in the north. The final journey “ Kirkby to Manchester Victoria “ was completed by 142004. Northern has bid a final farewell to its fleet of Pacers after more than three decades' service.
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Northern is entering the Hallowe'en spirit with hauntingly good tales from its own spooky stations.
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