Ardrossan Town

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Names and dates

Ardrossan (1831-1953)
Ardrossan Town (1953-1967)
Ardrossan Town (1987-)

Station code: ADN National Rail ScotRail
Where: North Ayrshire, Scotland
Opened on the Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway.
Open on the Kilwinning, Ardrossan and Largs.


This is a single platform station, re-opened in 1987. In the past, this was the Glasgow and South Western Railway's main station serving Ardrossan.

The date of opening may be with the line in 1831 or later in 1834. As originally built, there were two platforms on the line through to the harbour, and later (after opening in 1840), Ardrossan Winton Pier. To the west of the station was a locomotive shed and a few sidings. The main station building was on the east side of the line. A roof covered the platforms at the south end. Platforms were short.

To the south of the station the line passed over Princes Street by a level crossing to approach the harbour.

The station was substantially re-built around the opening of the Largs Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway). A bay platform was provided on the west side. The locomotive shed moved away, being replaced with a goods shed on the west side (still extant) and more sidings. Further sidings were provided on the east side. A large new glazed station roof was provided covering the circulating area (by the bay) and through platforms (with a gap for smoke). The roof was braced between the goods shed, a large was on the east side of the through platforms (still there) and station building (demolished in recent years). The bay was used for Kilmarnock and Largs trains.

Princes Street signal box was on the east side of the line south of the level crossing.

The station closed to passengers in 1967. The signal box closed in 1974, taken over by the nearby Ardrossan Harbour Signal Box. Some of the station's sidings, such as the bay, remained in use for train stabling.

The station remained, without the glazed roof, after closure in 1967 until 1987 when just the former down platform on the harbour line was re-opened - the double line was singled for the re-opening and electrified.

From 1967 to 1987 the nearby Ardrossan South Beach handled the town traffic for Ardrossan during the period of closure of Ardrossan Town.

The platform has been extended since re-opening and the station building, which was not used with the re-opening, demolished and replaced.



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Gaelic name: Baile Àird Rosain
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Chronology Dates

  /  /1829Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway
Construction begins. 5.5 mile line from Ardrossan to Kilwinning. The line was a horse-drawn waggonway of gauge 4ft 6in.
  /  /1831Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway
Opened. Stations opened at: Ardrossan.
  /  /1834Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway
Passenger trains start running from Dirrans to Ardrossan.
20/08/1840Glasgow, Paisley Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway
Glasgow to Ardrossan trains start running, with connections to Liverpool steamers. The Ardrossan Railway was re-built to standard gauge for its connection to the main line.
03/09/1888Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Line renamed Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway. The new line intended to carry iron ore from Ardrossan to Coatbridge and Motherwell.
30/11/1888Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Link from Ardrossan [CR] to the Ardrossan Harbour Company lines and the Glasgow and South Western Railway's Ardrossan station opened.
  /  /1895Largs Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Ardrossan Shed [2nd] opened in the triangle of lines by Ardrossan Town.
02/03/1953Ardrossan Railway
Ardrossan re-named Ardrossan Town.
06/04/1964Glasgow, Paisley Kilmarnock and Ayr RailwayArdrossan Railway
Irvine (Byrehill Junction) to Stevenston (Dubbs Junction) closed to passengers. Ardrossan to Kilmarnock service via Crosshill withdrawn.
01/01/1968Ardrossan Railway
Ardrossan Town closed.
06/05/1968Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Ardrossan Montgomerie Pier to Stevenson No 1 Signal Box [2nd] closed to all traffic, (Ardrossan North Goods coal yard and Ardrossan Refinery's bitumen depot remained accessible through harbour sidings from Ardrossan Town).
  /  /1970Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Ardrossan Montgomerie Pier and Ardrossan North to Stevenston lifted in the early 1970s. Access to the Ardrossan Refinery bitumen works at Ardrossan North is retained via the sidings from Ardrossan Town.
19/01/1987Ardrossan Railway
Ardrossan Town re-opened.

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