Ardrossan Winton Pier

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Ardrossan Pier (1840-1909)
Ardrossan Winton Pier (1909-1986)

Opened on the Ardrossan Railway.

Opened on the Glasgow and South Western Steam Packet Company.


This was a terminus on a steamer pier in Ardrossan Harbour. The pier and station were not part of the original Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway but opened with the Ardrossan Railway, replacing Ardrossan Town as the passenger terminus in the town. With the opening of this station further goods lines also opened on the neighbouring piers.

The station had an island platform and an overall timber roof. This roof was cut back and by the end only the platform and seawall remained. The line was cut back to a new station immediately to the south, Ardrossan Harbour, in 1986.

Connecting steamers ran to a number of locations including Brodick on Arran.

The pier competed with the later opened Ardrossan Montgomerie Pier until 1923 when both came into joint London, Midland and Scottish Railway ownership.


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27/07/1840Ardrossan Railway
Stevenston, Saltcoats [1st], Ardrossan Pier stations opened.
02/06/1924Ardrossan Railway
Ardrossan Pier re-named Ardrossan Winton Pier.
  /  /1987Ardrossan Railway
Ardrossan Winton Pier closed when line is cut back to a replacement station; Ardrossan Harbour.