Ardrossan South Beach

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Ardrossan South Beach (1883-)

Opened on the Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway.

Open on the Kilwinning, Ardrossan and Largs.


This is a one platform station, although there are two lines.

This station opened 1883 as Ardrossan expanded, the Largs Branch opened and the Caledonian Railway was soon to compete for traffic.

This was a two platform station, but with the singling of the Ardrossan Harbour line and the giving over of one track to the Hunterston Ore Terminal one of the platforms was removed in the 1980s.

Passenger trains, in both directions, use the former northbound track, southbound trains crossing over to the southbound track just south of the station. The former northbound track is bi-directional, the southbound track remains southbound only.




Gaelic name: Tràigh a Deas Àird Rosain
Bike rack
Free parking
Ticket machine