Dubbs Junction

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Dubbs Junction (1834-)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway.


This is a junction between lines from Kilwinning and Irvine for trains to Ardrossan. The Kilwinning route carries a regular passenger service and the Irvine line, single track, is largely used for freight and stock movements.

This was originally where the 1831 line from Ardrossan (now Ardrossan Town) to Kilwinning Byres was met by the 1834 branch to Doura, largely a coal branch serving a considerable number of pits.

With the take over of the Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway by the Glasgow, Paisley Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway the older line was regauged and its Doura branch converted into a connection facing Irvine from Blacklands Junction to Byrehill Junction. This connection was to carry an Ardrossan Town - Irvine - Kilmarnock passenger service via Dreghorn.

The line from Kilwinning to Dubbs Junction was and is used by the Glasgow to Ardrossan and to Largs service.

The Dreghorn route closed to passengers in 1964 and completely in 1965 but the Dubbs-Byrehill curve remained open, largely for goods traffic.

The box at Dubbs Junction burned down in 1981 and was replaced. Its replacement lasted until 1986 when the box was replaced by the Paisley Signalling Centre in preparation for the Ayrshire electrification.

The junction remains open. The curve to Byrehill Junction is single track and the main route to Kilwinning is double.



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06/04/1964Glasgow, Paisley Kilmarnock and Ayr RailwayArdrossan Railway
Irvine (Byrehill Junction) to Stevenston (Dubbs Junction) closed to passengers. Ardrossan to Kilmarnock service via Crosshill withdrawn.

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