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Barnes (1862-1862)
Stobs (1862-1969)

Opened on the Border Union Railway (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station just to the south of Barns Viaduct. It had a cattle dock on the west side at the north end of the station, approached from the north.

The station house and ticket office buildings were to the west, signal box (1888) on the northbound platform and shelters on each platform.

The Stobs Military Camp was to open to the west in 1903 and saw use as a training ground and Prisoner of War Camp. It was served by Stobs Camp station to the north and also by Stobs station which was closer to the camp buildings.

The box closed in 1962. The station closed with the Waverley Route in 1969.

It is now one of the most remarkable surviving sites on the former Waverley Route. The station house remains in use as a private house. The ticket office, platforms and footbridge (no longer in usable condition) remain within the garden of the house.

The station was initially named, very briefly, for Barnes (or Barns) a farm and burn to the west. It was renamed for Stobs Castle and Stobs Wood to the south.




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