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Stobs Camp (1903-1959)

Opened on the Border Union Railway (North British Railway).


This station was a large terminus with four platforms serving a military training and prisoners of war facility (Stobs Military Camp) near Stobs. There were two island platforms of two faces and a loop for the centre two platform faces. Also known as Stobs Camp Siding.

The station opened in 1903 near Acreknowe Farm. The location was in remote farmland yet well served by a mainline railway. A siding, perhaps for agricultural use, had existed here on the southbound line prior to the camp's opening. Just south was a tip dating from the mainline construction period.

The station could be approached from north and south. From the north a double track branch left the main line north of Stobs to directly approach the station. From the south a double track left the line to meet the northern approach and then run to a double track reversing spur, final approach being by reversal.

Facilities were spartan but the platforms long, straight and spaciously laid out. A tramway ran from the west side of the station to the camp itself (Stobs Military Camp Railway).

The camp had started as a large training ground around 1903 and was to be expanded and used for many years.

By 1959 much was becoming derelict and the site was sold off. The signal box closed in 1963. The trackwork was rationalised before the end, the headshunt being reduced to a single track and signalling reduced.

The site was vacant for many years, used as a field. It now has some houses.


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