Newtongrange [1st]

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Newtongrange [1st] (1908-1969)

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Opened on the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station located in a shallow cutting opened in 1908. It was north of the present Newtongrange station and south of the Newbattle Viaduct. It replaced Dalhousie station which was located to the north of the viaduct. The relocation was due to the expanding mining village at Newtongrange and the inconvenience of the original Dalhousie terminus of the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway. The nearby large Lady Victoria Pit had opened in 1895.

The ticket office (built in stone and brick with a rear extension giving an overview of the line) was at street level at the north end of the station, east side (village side), on station road - exactly where the present day footbridge crosses the line. A footbridge ran from the ticket office to the west side of the cutting with stairs down to the northbound platform. Stairs to the southbound platform ran from the ticket office. To the south were waiting rooms, in NBR style, on each platform. There was no goods station. Staff were withdrawn in 1960 and the waiting rooms removed in 1965.

The platforms were uncovered during work to re-instate the line in 2013. The new Newtongrange station opened in 2015.

Before the 1908 station opened there were catchpoints here on the southbound line, to protect the line from runaways as the railway climbs going south. Afterwards catchpoints remained to the north at the site of West Bryans Siding, which had been removed by this date.




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