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Darvel (1896-1964)

Opened on the Darvel Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This station was a terminus, then a through station, then a terminus again and is now closed. It was located in the north of Darvel.

The original 1896 terminus was a single platform station. The platform was on the south side of a loop. To the south, and approached from the west, was the goods yard and a turntable. The line continued a short way to the east to End of Darvel Branch after crossing Jamieson Road. This terminating just east of a bridge showed an intention to continue the line east. The signal box was on the north side of the line to the west of the station opposite the goods yard turn out.

In 1904 the line was extended east to Strathaven Central by the Darvel and Strathaven Railway. A second platform (eastbound) was added and loop extended to the east, with a new signal box at the east end - Darvel No 2 - controlling access to a second goods yard Darvel Goods East on the north side of the line and approached from the east. The goods shed at the station was replaced. The main station building remained on the original platform, now the westbound. The existing box became Darvel No 1 box.

There was a resignallng in 1909 and both boxes replaced by Darvel Station box, at the west end of the westbound platform.

In 1939 the line east to Ryeland was closed. The loop was cut back.

The station, box and line closed completely in 1964.

The site remained unused until the 1980s, the platform mounds surviving. Much of the site has been redeveloped for housing.


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01/06/1896Darvel Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Newmilns to Darvel opened.
04/07/1905Darvel and Strathaven Railway
Darvel to Strathaven Central opened (joint operation of the Glasgow and South Western Railway and Caledonian Railway).
06/04/1964Darvel Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Darvel to Kilmarnock (Hurlford Junction) closed to passengers.
06/07/1964Darvel Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Darvel to Hurlford (Mayfield Siding) closed to freight.