Strathaven and Darvel Railway


  /  /1896Strathaven and Darvel Railway Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway) Mid Lanark, Spireslack and Muirkirk Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lines authorised for the Caledonian Railway. The Glasgow and South Western Railway is granted running powers over these lines in exchange for the Caledonian Railway having running powers from Darvel to Troon and Kilmarnock to Ayr.
  /  /1899Strathaven and Darvel Railway
Glengavel Railway, from Drumclog station to Glengavel Reservoir, authorised for Lanarkshire Middle Ward District Water.
  /  /1904Strathaven and Darvel Railway
Line split - west of County Boundary Junction is transferred to the Glasgow and South Western Railway, east to Caledonian Railway.