Alloa West Junction

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Alloa West Junction (1885-1970)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.
Opened on the Alloa Railway.
Opened on the Alloa Marshalling Yard (British Railways).


This was the junction between the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway of 1852 and the Alloa West to Longcarse (North British Railway) of 1885 which connected to the Alloa Railway. This was a junction between two double track lines immediately west of a level crossing ('Grange Crossing').

East of the level crossing were four sidings, two on either side of the line. Those on the north side approached from the east and those on the south side approached from the west.

The signal box was west of the level crossing and on the south side of the junction itself. In 1955 original box was closed, and a temporary box opened until 1957 when a new box opened at a similar location to the original. This was on the opening of Alloa Marshalling Yard to the west, the box controlling access to the east end of this yard.

The line west to Stirling closed to passengers in 1968. The Alloa Railway line south over Alloa Bridge (the swing bridge) closed completely in 1970, the connection from Alloa West being taken out, but retained closer to the junction for access to Alloa Marshalling Yard.

The line west to Cambus Junction was singled in 1973. After 1974 the box was responsible for Alloa East Junction, with the closure of the box there (a ground frame remained).

From around 1980 (closure of the Dunfermline Upper route) the double track to the east of the level crossing became two single lines. The southern of these, the line to Kincardine, closed in 1981 but was left in place. The line west, bypassing Alloa Marshalling Yard, closed in 1985. Finally the line from the yard east to Alloa Co-op Coal Siding closed in 1987 (although last use was around 1982). The line to the Co-op siding was lifted not long afterwards but the disused Kincardine line retained. The box was demolished around 1988/9.

The line was reinstated as a single track line in 2007 and re-opened in 2008. There is no longer a junction or level crossing here although there is a substantial footbridge. The old track and trackbed had deteriorated and the line was completely rebuilt.


Junction level crossing

Chronology Dates

  /  /1883Alloa Railway
Agreement that the Caledonian Railway, which was to work the Alloa Railway, would have access to Alloa [1st] station from Alloa West Junction. Authorisation given for line between Longcarse Junction and Alloa West Junction.
  /  /1883Alloa Railway
The North British Railway withdraws its proposed Larbert and Cambus Line. It is granted running powers over the Alloa Railway in exchange for Caledonian Railway running powers to Alloa from Longcarse Junction (not Alloa West Junction?).
01/10/1885Alloa Railway South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Line from Dunmore Junction to Alloa West Junction and swing bridge, Alloa Bridge opened. Caledonian Railway trains start to use Alloa [1st] station. Dunmore Junction to South Alloa closed to passengers. Alloa Goods [CR] opened.
29/01/1968Alloa RailwaySouth Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Alloa (Alloa West Junction) to Larbert (Alloa Junction) closed to passengers. Railbuses cease crossing the Alloa Bridge.
18/05/1970Alloa Railway
Alloa West Junction (excluded) to Longcarse Junction (excluded) closed to freight.
06/10/1979Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Kincardine Junction (excluded) to Bogside (excluded) closed. Signalling and connections removed at the former Alloa station. Lines from Alloa Co-op Coal Siding and Kincardine Junction run as two parallel single tracks from Alloa to Alloa West Junction. (Other sources suggest 06/1979 and 07/1979.)
  /02/1980Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Much of Alloa New Yard (Nos 1 to 5 sidings and east end headshunt) secured out of use. Trains to Menstrie continue to round in the yard. Most trains heading east from Cambus travel via the yard to reach Alloa West Junction, rather than use the main line.
  /  /1985Stirling and Dunfermline Railway Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Longannet Power Station (excluded) to Alloa West Junction (excluded) out of use. Track left in place for possible re-opening.
  /  /1985Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Alloa Co-op Coal Siding to Alloa West Junction (excluded) closed. Line lifted from Alloa Co-op Coal Siding to Alloa West Junction.
20/12/1987Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Alloa New Yard closed on opening of rounding loop at Cambus. A lifted track panel could be replaced to allow access which was done some time later for a light locomotive running to Alloa West Level Crossing. Cambus Junction and Alloa West Junction signal boxes closed. Panels lifted in Alloa New Yard to block access (some lifted and relaid to form the loop).
  /  /1988Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Last locomotive to run east to Alloa West Junction allowed by relaying track panel at Cambus. Afterwards the panel removed again.