Kincardine Junction

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Kincardine Junction (1893-1980)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.
Opened on the Kincardine Branch (North British Railway).


At this junction the Kincardine Branch (North British Railway) met the older Stirling and Dunfermline Railway. The branch was to become a loop when extended to Elbowend Junction. The junction was double track with the branch singling just beyond the junction. The signal box was in the 'V' of the junction. The junction was north of Kincardine itself.

The Dunfermline Upper route was singled in 1973, the westbound line being lifted. The line west to Alloa West Junction remained double track. There was a further resignalling in 1975.

With the closure of the route east to Dunfermline Upper in 1980 (disused from 1979) this ceased to be a junction. The line was closed as far east as Bogside Fife. The eastbound line between Alloa Co-op Coal Siding and Kincardine Junction was lifted.

The route from Stirling to Alloa and Kincardine closed to traffic in 1981. The signal box was closed and line westwards singled with the eastbound line being lifted as far as Alloa [1st] station, leaving the Alloa Co-op Coal Siding as a siding from Alloa West Junction. The former westbound track remained intact from Alloa West Junction to Kincardine Junction and the single track line on to Kincardine. This line remained in place, but out of use. (Some portions were later lifted.)

The line was rebuilt for re-opening in 2008, the track requiring replacement.

Although there is no junction today, this is close to the east end of the Alloa Loop.



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Chronology Dates

18/12/1893Kincardine Branch (North British Railway)
Kincardine Junction to Kincardine opened.
07/07/1930Kincardine Branch (North British Railway)
Kincardine and Dunfermline Railway (North British Railway)
West of Fife Railway and Harbour
Alloa [1st] (Kincardine Junction) to Dunfermline Lower via Culross closed to passengers.
06/10/1979Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Kincardine Junction (excluded) to Bogside (excluded) closed. Signalling and connections removed at the former Alloa station. Lines from Alloa Co-op Coal Siding and Kincardine Junction run as two parallel single tracks from Alloa to Alloa West Junction. (Other sources suggest 06/1979 and 07/1979.)