Alloa [1st]

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Alloa [1st] (1850-1875)
Alloa North (1875-1882)
Alloa [1st] (1882-1968)

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Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


At its height this was a very fine station. It had an island platform with two bays at the west end, a large stone main building to the east and large glass canopies over the platforms. A stone bridge of four arches crossed the line at the east end of the station, separating the station building and bay platforms.

East of the station was the junction between the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway and its branch to Tillicoultry. A signal box, Alloa East, opened in 1888 after station reconstruction. This was at the east end of the island platform.

At the west end was the junction (Alloa Harbour Junction) for the short branch to Alloa Harbour.

On the north side of the station was a goods yard with loading banks and a series of sidings served from the east, from both lines to the east, and a turntable. A few carriage sidings were on the south side.

To the east of the station the Alloa Waggonway passed over the line - the bridge still exists today.

Before reconstruction of the station, undertaken when the Caledonian Railway gained access via their Alloa Railway, the station had three platforms - two through main platforms and the northern face of the eastbound platform served the Tillicoultry branch.

The original goods yard had a slightly different layout and a goods shed.

Alloa Shed was to the east of the Alloa Waggonway bridge.

The Tillicoultry line was singled in 1967. The island platform survived closure of the station in 1968. The station canopies were demolished around 1974. Alloa East box closed in 1974, replaced with a ground frame. The building survived into the 1980s. The station platform remained intact until the mid 1980s when it was removed and the majority of the site turned into a leisure centre and its car park. A single line was retained following the southern edge of the station site.

With re-opening of the line a new station, Alloa, has been opened to the east, on the site of the Alloa Brewery.




Alloa [2nd]

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