Alloa Harbour

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Alloa Harbour (1851-1978)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This was a goods yard on the short branch from Alloa Harbour Junction and was north of the short lived Alloa Ferry station.

Sidings fanned out on the north side of Castle Street. To the south sidings served the east side of the Alloa Glass Works site (also served by the Alloa Waggonway). Later, after a reorganisation of the glass works, additional sidings were laid west across Glasshouse Road into the works.

There was a link west across Glasshouse Loan and Caledonian Road to the competing Alloa Goods [CR] yard.

To the north was the division between the lines to Alloa Harbour and to Alloa Wet Dock and Alloa Goods [NBR]. On the east side of this junction was Alloa Harbour signal box, closed in 1922.

The branch closed in 1977/78.




  /  /1766Alloa Waggonway
Opened from Alloa collieries and Alloa Glass Works bottle works to Alloa Harbour by John, Earl of Mar. Alternative date 1768.
28/08/1850Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayForth Iron Works Railway
Opened from Dunfermline to Alloa for passengers. A branch to Alloa Harbour station from Alloa was used for passengers travelling on to Stirling by boats along the River Forth. A connection to the Forth Iron Works Railway was made at Oakley.
  /06/1947Forthbank Mine
Opened to the south-east of Alloa Harbour to replace Craigrie Pit.
  /03/1977Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Alloa Harbour branch closed.