Alloa Goods [CR]

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Alloa Goods [CR] (1885-1980)

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Opened on the Alloa Railway.


This goods station was the terminus of the Alloa Railway. It was located just to the north of the Alloa glass factory close to the harbour.

The station was approached from the west, from Longcarse Junction. The line approached parallel to, and south of, Caledonian Road. There was a large goods shed on the corner of Caledonian Road and Glasshouse Loan. To the south of this was a two faced loading bank. A series of generously spaced out looped sidings were to the west. Alloa Shed [CR] was at the west end of the sidings, on the south side of the line.

A level crossing took a siding from west of the station into Craigward Malthouse on the north side of Caledonian Road. The maltings was also served by a North British Railway siding from Alloa Goods [NBR].

On the south side of the line going
To the west another siding served the Bass Crest Brewery also to the north of Caledonian Road.

On the south side of the line were several rail served factories. Going west from the station there was the Forth Shipbuilding Yard, Kelliebank Bottling Works, Kelliebank Glass Works , and iron foundry and Eglinton Bottling Stores.

North of the latter, immediately east of Longcarse Junction, was an engineering works. This was Weir's Foundry which became Weir Pumps.

Much of the yard was cut back in 1968. Following closure of the Alloa Railway in 1970 final access to the goods yard was using the new curve from Alloa Marshalling Yard and reversal at Longcarse Junction.

The goods station site is now a bus depot, mostly a large area of tarmac. Going west the site is occupied by housing until close to the junction were it becomes a dirt footpath.


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