Longcarse Junction

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Longcarse Junction (1885-1980)

Opened on the Alloa Railway.
Opened on the Alloa Marshalling Yard (British Railways).


This junction was north of the Alloa Bridge (the swing bridge over the River Forth). This was initially the junction between the Caledonian Railway's 1885 Alloa Railway line running to the goods terminus near the harbour in Alloa and its connection to Alloa West Junction where the line joined the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway allowing use of Alloa [1st] station. The line to the goods yard was single track (doubling just before the junction) and that to the Alloa West was double.

The original N1-type signal box was on the north side of the junction, just east of a level crossing.

In 1957 British Railways opened, with the Alloa Marshalling Yard, a new curve allowing traffic to leave the yard and run south over the Alloa Bridge. This curve was originally double track, reduced to single as the yard was progressively cut back.

The signal box was replaced for the new yard. The new box, a flat roofed brick and concrete design, was on the south side of the junction. It also provided access to Weirs Pumps which had sidings off both lines which were located in the 'V' of the junction.

After closure of the Alloa Bridge in 1970 the junction became a point of reversal for trains running from the yard to the former Caledonian Railway's goods station. The link to Alloa West Junction was lifted with the closure of Alloa Bridge. The remaining lines were single. The box closed.

The reversing spur, connection to the yard and line to the goods yard were all lifted around 1980.



Chronology Dates

  /  /1883Alloa Railway
Agreement that the Caledonian Railway, which was to work the Alloa Railway, would have access to Alloa [1st] station from Alloa West Junction. Authorisation given for line between Longcarse Junction and Alloa West Junction.
  /  /1883Alloa Railway
The North British Railway withdraws its proposed Larbert and Cambus Line. It is granted running powers over the Alloa Railway in exchange for Caledonian Railway running powers to Alloa from Longcarse Junction (not Alloa West Junction?).
06/05/1968Alloa Railway
Longcarse Junction (excluded) to Throsk (excluded) closed to freight.
18/05/1970Alloa Railway
Alloa West Junction (excluded) to Longcarse Junction (excluded) closed to freight.
  /06/1978Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Alloa New Yard (excluded) to Longcarse Junction (a headshunt by this date) to Alloa Goods [CR] coal yard closed.
  /  /1983Alloa Railway
Alloa New Yard (excluded) to Longcarse Junction (a headshunt by this date) to Alloa West Goods coal yard closed. (Alternative date).