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Alloa Ferry (1851-1852)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This was a short lived passenger station on the north bank of the River Forth. It was just east of the original part of the Alloa Glass Works.

The station was the terminus of the line from Dunfermline [2nd] before continuation west to Stirling. Passengers were able to complete their journey from Dunfermline by catching a ferry over the River Forth and catching a train from South Alloa on the south bank.

With the continuation of the line west to Stirling this became a short branch from Alloa West Junction. The former station was between Castle Street and Forth Street. The line north of Castle Street was retained and a large goods yard developed here surviving until 1979.

The station site is within the Alloa Glass Works. Nothing obvious remains of the ferry pier itself, there has been land reclamation. The goods yard is now parkland.


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