Alloa Harbour Junction

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Alloa Harbour Junction (1852-1978)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This double track junction was to the west of Alloa [1st] station on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway. Access to the harbour branch was from the east.

The signal box, 'Alloa Central' was in the 'V' of the junction, in line with the main line. This box opened in 1888 (dating from the arrival of the Caledonian Railway and reconstruction of Alloa [1st]) and closed in 1964 when it was replaced with a ground frame controlled from Alloa East Junction box (not far away at the east end of Alloa [1st] station). The junction was turned into a single lead junction, the branch doubling just to the south west.

The branch continued in use until 1978.

The line to the harbour was the older route - it had opened in 1851, extending the line from Alloa [1st] (opened in 1850 from Dunfermline [2nd]) to Alloa Ferry, a temporary station at the harbour. With the extension west to Stirling of the main route in 1852 the branch closed to passengers.