Buchlyvie Junction

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Buchlyvie Junction (1882-1949)

Opened on the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway.
Opened on the Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway.


This was the junction between the older Balloch to Stirling line and the Aberfoyle branch of 1882. It was located at the east end of Buchlyvie station's loop.

The junction box closed in 1895 when the junction location was moved a little further west, to the immediate east of the station loop.

The route from Balloch to Stirling closed to passengers in 1934 but still carried specials, such as troop trains in the Second World War. The line east to Mye Siding closed in 1950 and was lifted not long afterwards.

The remaining line closed to passengers in 1951. It closed to goods when the Aberfoyle branch was cut back to Lennox Castle Siding in 1959. Track remained for several years.

The formation of the junction can still be clearly seen. Both routes east of Buchlyvie are popular walking routes. (The trackbed going west is not a footpath.)


Junction footpath

Chronology Dates

01/10/1882Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway
Line opened for passengers and freight from Dumgoyne to Gartness Junction and Buchlyvie Junction to Aberfoyle. Stations at Killearn, Gartmore and Aberfoyle.
01/10/1934Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Closed to passengers from Balloch (Forth and Clyde Junction [Balloch]) to Gartness Junction and from Buchlyvie Junction to Stirling. The Gartness Junction to Buchlyvie Junction section was used by trains to Aberfoyle and Balfron and Buchlyvie stations remained open. Jamestown, Caldarvan, Drymen, Gartness, Port of Menteith, Kippen and Gargunnock closed to passengers.
01/11/1950Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Buchlyvie Junction (excluded) to Mye Siding (excluded) and Drymen (excluded) to Gartness Junction (excluded) closed completely. The F&C line ceased to be a through route.
29/09/1951Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Closed to passengers from Gartness Junction to Buchlyvie Junction.
05/10/1959Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway
Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Blane Valley Railway
Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway)
Aberfoyle to Buchlyvie Junction to Gartness Junction to Campsie Glen (Lennox Castle Siding) (excluded) closed completely (although a final railtour ran on the 17th). Track not lifted until early 1960s.


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