Solway Junction Railway


This line is closed.


  /  /1864[Solway Junction Railway]
Act receives Royal assent
13/09/1869[Solway Junction Railway]
Kirtlebridge to Annan opened for Goods
13/09/1869[Solway Junction Railway]
Shed opened at Brayton with two roads, sidings and a turntable in the junction between the Solway Junction Railway and the [Maryport and Carlisle Railway].
08/08/1870[Solway Junction Railway]
Solway Junction Railway open throughout
31/08/1870[Solway Junction Railway]
Abbey Junction opened
  /  /1895[Solway Junction Railway]
Brayton shed closed, but used to stable engines at night.
  /  /1896[Solway Junction Railway]
[Caledonian Railway]
Solway Junction Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway
  /  /1904[Solway Junction Railway]
Brayton shed demolished, turntable retained until at least 1923.
01/01/1917[Solway Junction Railway]
Abbey Junction closed
02/03/1919[Solway Junction Railway]
Abbey Junction re-opened
  /  /1921[Solway Junction Railway]
Brayton shed probably ceases to be used overnight when bridge closes.
20/05/1921[Solway Junction Railway]
Abbey Junction closed
27/04/1931[Solway Junction Railway]
Annan Shawhill to Kirtlebridge closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a small two platform station until the opening of the Solway Junction Railway in 1869.

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West Coast Railway 37516 heads north on the WCML at Kirtlebridge on 1 June 2014 over the emergency crossovers running light engine Carnforth to ...
John McIntyre 01/06/2014
Looking north over the site of Kirtlebridge station and junction (for Annan and the Solway Viaduct) in 2010. Both have been oblitered with the ...
Ewan Crawford 15/04/2010

The bridge, seen here, which formerly carried the Solway Junction Railway over the G&SWR later bore the effluent pipeline from Chapelcross. Shawhill ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
After crossing north over the Solway Viaduct the Solway Junction Railway headed for Annan Shawhill station. On its way the line crossed this more ...
John Furnevel 21/05/2008
The road approach to Annan Shawhill station in 1998 with the scrapyard that grew up around the old station (closed in 1931) dominating the scene. Atop ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
Looking south from the B721 road over the former station at Annan Shawhill on 12 October 2006 along the route that ran to the Solway Viaduct. The ...
John Furnevel 12/10/2006

Last remnants of the Solway Viaduct at the south end in 1997. ...
Ewan Crawford //1997
A view from the remains of the Solway Viaduct looking towards Annan on 17/08/2016. I believe the viaduct was finally dismantled in 1935. ...
Brian Smith 18/08/2016
View of both Solway Viaduct embankments, as seen from the area known as Back of the Hill in Annan on 31st January 2016 ...
Mark Bartlett 31/01/2016
North end of the Solway Viaduct in 1998 looking north. The effluent pipeline from Chapelcross Powerstation, which used the trackbed for 5kms, is on ...
Ewan Crawford //1998

View north at Bowness along the causeway towards the former Solway Viaduct in 2002. ...
Mike Shannon /03/2002
Bowness station, now a house, viewed from the road. The viaduct was behind and to the right. ...
Mike Shannon /03/2002
View south over the site of Bowness station in 2002.
Mike Shannon /03/2002
View north at Bowness along the causeway towards the former Solway Viaduct in 2002. ...
Mike Shannon /03/2002

Whitrigg looking west in 2002. The line ran left-right on the far side of the house seen here.
Mike Shannon /03/2002

This was a single platform station, about half a mile south west of Bromfield itself, a small village. It was also south of Bromfield Hall.

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