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Kirtlebridge (1847-1960)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.

Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.


This was a small two platform station until the opening of the Solway Junction Railway in 1869.

The station was half a mile west of Kirtlebridge itself closer to modern day Eaglesfield. The site was surrounded by former limestone quarries.

The station was originally two platforms with a small goods yard on the west side of the line, approached by reversal from the station.

After rebuilding it was a large station with many sidings. There were three platforms, two on the main line and the northbound an island having a second face for the Solway line trains. To the north of this was a locomotive shed (Kirtlebridge Shed) with sidings on the west side. Alongside the branch were sidings served from the north. The goods yard was on the east side of the main line, south of the station and served from the south.

The main station building was on the southbound mainline platform, with a large goods shed just to the south.

Tramways served remaining limestone quarries. One of these crossed both main and branch lines south of the station.

A goods line ran south with the branch, on its east side, to Bonshaw Tile Works.

Later the Kirtlebridge and Mossfoot Narrow Gauge Railway ran down the west side of the branch.

During the war the Mossfoot Ammunition Depot (MOD) was established here on the west side of the branch, served by a complex of sidings.

The branch south over the Solway Viaduct closed in 1921, cut back to Annan Shawhill. The line south of Kirtlebridge closed in 1931.

The station survived until 1960 when it closed along with most of the stations served by the stopping service on the main line.

Little remains of the station today. The junction site is crossed over by the A74(M). The station site is a small industrial estate. Some former railway cottages remain nearby.



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