Maryport and Carlisle Railway


This line is open.


  /  /1840Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Opened between Maryport and Arkleby.
  /  /1841Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Line extended from Arkleby to Aspatria.
  /  /1843Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Opened from Carlisle Water Lane to Wigton.
  /  /1844Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Line extended from Aspatria to Low Row [Cumbria].
  /  /1844Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Extended from Wigton to Brookfield (termporary terminus).
  /  /1844Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Carlisle Water Lane replaced by Carlisle Crown Street on a short Maryport owned branch which was accessed by reversal from the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway which the Maryport joined at Bog Junction.
10/02/1845Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Completion of main line by opening from Low Row [Cumbria] to Brookfield (a temporary terminus which closed).
01/09/1847Caledonian Railway Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Carlisle Citadel opened. The short Maryport and Carlisle Railway branch to Carlisle Crown Street is crossed, on the level, by the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway on its approach to the new Carlisle Citadel. This approach had crossed the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway on the level too, just to the south east.
  /  /1851Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Arkleby closed.
02/04/1851Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Agreement reached for access to Carlisle Citadel. On the same day the Maryport line makes first use of the station. Approach from Maryport was made via the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, on which a reversal was required, and a short Maryport owned curve opened in 1851.
  /  /1852Carlisle Citadel Approach [1st] (Maryport and Carlisle Railway)
The Maryport and Carlisle Railway opened a curve (which crossed the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway on the level) to reach Crown Street Goods [MCR] and Carlisle Citadel, the new approach avoiding a reversal carried out between 1851 and 1852 to reach the station. The short Maryport curve from the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway to the London and North Western Railway closes.
01/09/1853Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Company agrees to pay £300 per annum for access to Carlisle Citadel.
  /  /1861Caledonian Railway Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Agreement to enlarge Carlisle Citadel station, owned by the Caledonian Railway and Lancaster and Carlisle Railway. A joint committee is to be created which will include the Glasgow and South Western Railway, Maryport and Carlisle Railway and North British Railway.
  /  /1864Solway Junction Railway
Act receives Royal assent for a line consisting to two parts: Kirtlebridge (Caledonian Railway) to Kirkbride Junction (Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock) and Abbeyholme Junction (Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock) to Brayton (Maryport and Carlisle Railway). The first part will cross the considerable Solway Viaduct between Scotland an England. The Act included an Annan Waterfoot Branch and a Port Carlisle Branch both of which were not built.
  /  /1865Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Running powers for the Caledonian Railway, who would work the Solway Junction Railway, obtained for the Maryport and Carlisle Railway between Brayton Junction and Brayton.
13/09/1869Solway Junction Railway
Annan [Shawhill] to Brayton opened to minerals. Brayton Shed opened at Brayton with two roads, sidings and a turntable in the junction between the Solway Junction Railway and the Maryport and Carlisle Railway.
16/09/1869Solway Junction Railway
Abbey Junction [CR] (Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock) to Brayton opened for goods (Maryport and Carlisle Railway).
08/07/1877Carlisle Realignment (Maryport and Carlisle Railway)
New deviation of the approach to Carlisle Citadel for the Maryport and Carlisle Railway opened. Railway No 8.
  /  /1887Cleator and Workington Junction Railway
Opened from Workington to Linefoot on the Maryport and Carlisle Railway.
  /  /1895Glasgow and South Western Railway
Glasgow and South Western Railway authorised to build Currock Shed (G and SWR) on the Carlisle Realignment (Maryport and Carlisle Railway).
  /  /1935Cleator and Workington Junction Railway
Brigham Branch (Maryport and Carlisle Railway) closed.
  /01/1998Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Aspatria signal box closed, unused for many years

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

A strange little terminus and branch, built 1844, giving the Maryport and Carlisle a terminus in Carlisle, not just the 1843 connection to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway. Approach from Maryport required a reversal on the Newcastle line. It replaced Water Lane.

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Bog Junction looking west to Rome Street Junction in 1998. Note the protective buffer on the westbound line, but no buffer needed on the eastbound. ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
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68004 Rapid and 68003 Astute top and tail a three coach set seen leaving the request stop at Dalston on the 08.51 to Barrow-in-Furness on the last ...
Gordon Steel 17/05/2018
Two car dmu 156475 in Northern Rail colours approaching the request stop at Dalston at 10.00 with the service from Whitehaven to Carlisle. A toot on ...
Gordon Steel 17/05/2018
The stopping point for North bound Loco hauled trains at Dalston (request stop) ...
Gordon Steel 17/05/2018
A pleasant sight in Dalston, Cumbria 45699 Galatea steaming through on route to Edinburgh from Grange over Sands on 29/04/2016. ...
Brian Smith 29/04/2016
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Ex LMS 4-6-0 no.46115 Scots Guardsman approaches Curthwaite between Wigton and Carlisle while working a railtour on 16 April 2016. The former station ...
John McIntyre 16/04/2016
The 1525 hrs Carlisle to Preston via the Cumbrian Coast passes the site of the long closed station at Curthwaite. The water tank on the left has the ...
John McIntyre 16/04/2016
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Sprinter bubble car 153331, on a Northern service from Carlisle to Workington and the Cumbrian Coast, calls at Wigton on 15th February 2016. ...
Brian Smith 15/02/2016
DRS 37423 working 2C45 Barrow to Carlisle loco hauled service top n tail with DBSO 9707 arriving at Wigton ...
Ken Browne 09/04/2016
WCRC 57316+57313 passing Wigton on 9 April 2016 with 1Z32 Newport to Carlisle charter. [Ref query 23559] ...
Ken Browne 09/04/2016
DRS 37606+37603 working 6c46 Sellafield to Carlisle Kingmoor nuclear flasks. ...
Ken Browne 09/04/2016
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This junction was east of Brayton station. The southern end of the Solway Junction Railway, controlled by the Caledonian Railway, joined the Maryport and Carlisle Railway at a junction which allowed access to the Solway line from the south. This line is the railway which crossed the Solway Firth on the mile long Solway Viaduct.

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Aspatria station looking to Maryport. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Aspatria station, seen on a sunny 9th March 2018 looking towards Carlisle. The station building is in private use and this is a request stop nowadays. ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
Aspatria, looking to Workington in 2001. ...
Ewan Crawford 24/06/2001
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Although Bullgill closed in 1960 the remains of the Carlisle platform can still be seen, and the steps leading down from the road. The house alongside ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
DRS 37423 failed at Bootle on the 0546 Barrow to Carlisle service on 9th March 2018. The train eventually arrived at Sellafield 105 minutes late where ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
At first glance the bridge at Bullgill station appears to be over single rather than double track but it is one of several Maryport & Carlisle ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
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This is a single platform station which formerly had a very substantial station building. Goods only lines are on the east side which ran south before sweeping round to the north to serve the Maryport Docks.

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At one time Maryport had a huge stone built station building, but only ever a single platform. Nowadays this shelter suffices at the unstaffed ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
The Workington - Maryport shuttle pulls into Maryport from the south in February 2010, having waited for a service from Carlisle to clear the single ...
Ewan Crawford /02/2010
The signal box at Maryport is still quite busy as all Whitehaven direction trains have to cross over to the platform road and then cross back again to ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
A busy train from Carlisle pauses at Maryport. Normally the single platform at Maryport wouldn^t cause much of a problem but with the half-hourly ...
Ewan Crawford 01/02/2010
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Elizabeth Dock, one of the two main docks in Maryport Harbour in March 2018. From the 1850s there were sidings on both sides of this dock, which was ...
Mark Bartlett 09/03/2018
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