Abbey Junction [CR]

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Abbey Junction [CR] (1870-1921)

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Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.


This was a single platform, part of an exchange station. It was built on the Solway Junction Railway (opened to goods and minerals in 1869) alongside Abbey Junction [NBR], just to its east (and a little to the south) such that the single platform was conjoined with the Silloth bound platform of the Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock of 1856. The junction itself, Abbeyholme Junction, was just 5 chains to the north.

There was a loop alongside the platform, the loop line having a siding which extended north beyond the point of junction. To the south was a small goods yard on the west side, approached from the exchange station, to its north.

A cryptic note in 'The Solway Junction Railway' reads 'From 1st July 1904 Abbeyholme station on the North British line was used in lieu of Abbey Junction'. Running via the NBR station would make little sense. Perhaps some slight relocation of the CR station or booking facilities being shared,perhaps even with Abbey Town. Around this time a footbridge was provided between the Abbey Junction platforms.

The exchange stations closed in 1921. The line to Brayton closed in 1933, although the loop at Abbey Junction [NBR] remained in use until 1940.

The station was north west of the village of Abbey Town.


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