Abbey Junction [NBR]

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Abbey Junction [NBR] (1870-1921)

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Opened on the Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock.


This exchange station opened in 1870 with the opening of the Solway Junction Railway to passengers. It was built on the existing Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock of 1856. The junction itself, Abbeyholme Junction, was just to the north.

The Solway line had opened in 1869 to goods and minerals. Two exchange stations were built virtualy directly alongside each other, (the Solway line's station was slightly to the south). The NBR station had a passing loop, footbridge and two platforms, the westbound platform being joined to that at Abbey Junction [CR]. It was located some way from the nearby B5307, being intended as an exchange only.

There were no goods facilitates at the NBR station, although there was a long siding which ran south from the Silloth bound loop.

At the north end of the station, the junction itself, the signal box was located on the west side. This opened in 1892.

The exchange station closed to passengers in 1921. By 1933 the Solway line's route south to Brayton had closed. The box survived until 1940 replaced with a ground frame (when a new box opened just to the west at Abbey Town). Line closure was in 1964.


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