Brayton Junction

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Brayton Junction (1869-1933)

Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.

Opened on the Maryport and Carlisle Railway.


This junction was east of Brayton station. The southern end of the Solway Junction Railway, controlled by the Caledonian Railway, joined the Maryport and Carlisle Railway at a junction which allowed access to the Solway line from the south. This line is the railway which crossed the Solway Firth on the mile long Solway Viaduct.

The Solway line was single track, Maryport line double. The signal box was located on the north side of the junction. In the 'V' of the junction was Brayton Shed, a two road shed. The Solway line divided into three portions at the junction, one ran to meet the Maryport line, another ran to a bay platform on the north side of Brayton station and a third bypassed the station to run west to Brayton Domain Colliery providing the colliery with a second exit (it was served by the Maryport line).

The Solway line closed to passengers in 1921 when the Solway Viaduct was closed. The connection north to Abbey Junction [CR] survived until 1933. Brayton box closed in 1927.

The Maryport line remains open. The formation of the closed Solway route remains.