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Rawyards (1845-1930)

Opened on the Ballochney Railway.


This was a single platform station located to the immediate east of a junction, level crossing and the Ballochney Incline. It was on the Ballochney Railway at the point of division between the lines to Clarkston (Wester Moffat) and Ballochney Colliery.

The platform was on the north side of the Ballochney route line. There were simple timber buildings and a signal box, 'Rawyards West' (1888), on the south side of the junction, opposite the platform. The Clarkston (Wester Moffat) line did not serve the platform.

Beyond the station, on the Ballochney route, was a yard and Rawyards Wagon Works (owned by Pickering of R Y Pickering Wagon Works), both on the north side. These were approached from the north east. Access was controlled by 'Rawyards East' box (1888).

The station and line closed to passengers in 1930. The yard and works were out of use by the 1930s. The east box closed in 1945. The west box, by the level crossing, closed in 1958 when the line closed.

Nothing remains of the station, now the site of Northbrae Avenue and houses on its north side.



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Chronology Dates

  /05/1843Slamannan Railway
With the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway opening to Coatbridge [CR] and withdrawing from Leaend the Slamannan passenger service is cut back, running from Rawyards (Ballochney Railway) to Causewayend [SR].
  /  /1845Ballochney Railway
Rawyards station opened.
  /  /1923Ballochney Railway
Closed between Rawyards (excluded) and Calderbank Branch Junction (excluded). Alternative date 1936.
01/05/1930Monkland and Kirkintilloch RailwayBallochney Railway Slamannan Railway Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Coatbridge (Greenside Junction) (excluded) to Manuel Low Level (excluded) closed to passengers. Commonhead, Rawyards, Airdrie Hallcraig Street, Whiterigg stations on the Ballochney Railway closed. Longriggend, Slamannan, Avonbridge, Blackston Junction, Bowhouse, Causewayend [MR] [2nd] closed.
01/09/1949Ballochney Railway Slamannan Railway
Slamannan to Ballochney Junction to Dykehead Junction to Rawyards (excluded) closed to freight and completely. Additionally Ballochney Colliery to Ballochney Junction closed.
01/05/1956Ballochney Railway
Closed from Rawyards to Commonhead (excluded). Alternative date 1959.