Ballochney Junction

Location type


Names and dates

Airdriehill Junction (1828-1840)
Ballochney Junction (1840-1930)

Opened on the Ballochney Railway.
Opened on the Whiterigg, Stanrigg, Arbuckle, Arden Branch (Ballochney Railway).

Chronology Dates

05/08/1840Slamannan Railway
Ballochney Junction to Causewayend [SR] opened. Slamannan, Avonbridge, Bowhouse, Causewayend [SR] opened.
01/09/1949Ballochney Railway Slamannan Railway
Slamannan to Ballochney Junction to Dykehead Junction to Rawyards (excluded) closed to freight and completely. Additionally Ballochney Colliery to Ballochney Junction closed.