Causewayend [SR]

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Causewayend [SR] (1840-1847)

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Opened on the Slamannan Railway.


This was the eastern terminus of the Slamannan Railway at Causewayend Basin on the Union Canal. Coal for Edinburgh, and passengers, could continue along the canal. After just two years the route lost its advantage when the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway opened in 1842.

The basin is rectangular. Lines approached from the west with cranes and quayside lines and, by a turnplate, a line ran south to Linlithgow Foundry.

The terminus was replaced by Causewayend [MR] [1st] on extension of the line to Linlithgow (later the site of Manuel High Level) in 1847 and by Causewayend [MR] [2nd on extension of the line to Bo'ness (by the Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway) in 1851.

To the west was the Causewayend Incline down which trains approached the basin. Directly to the east was Causewayend Junction between the original line, Linlithgow line and Bo'ness line. The Almond Iron Works was to north, on west side of Linlithgow line.

The basin and canal fell out of use in the 1960s but has been restored. The railway is long gone having closed in 1933 to Bo'ness and 1964 to Linlithgow.

The basin has been restored and now has several wooden jetties.


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Causewayend Basin

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