Union Canal


  /  /    Albyn Oil Works
Opened by Broxburn Oil Co next to Union Canal.
03/03/1818Union Canal
First Sod cut at Hopetoun Basin, Edinburgh.
  /  /1822Union Canal
Canal built to break the Edinburgh coal cartel.
  /01/1822Union Canal
First Passenger Vessel sails on Union Canal, Flora MacIver.
31/08/1840Slamannan Railway Ballochney Railway Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
Passenger service from Edinburgh to Glasgow introduced by the Slamannan Railway. A trackboat along the Union Canal from Edinburgh to Causewayend Basin was followed by a train from Causewayend [SR] to Arbuckle along the Slamannan Railway. Running powers were then used from Arbuckle to Kipps via the Ballochney Railway, from Kipps to Gartsherrie [GGR] via the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway and Gartsherrie to Glasgow Townhead over the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway. (Alternative date 05 August.)
  /  /1845Forth and Cart Canal
Authorised to make connection to Union Canal.
  /  /1860Standrigg Colliery
Absorbed into Redding Colliery, new railways approach the colliery replacing the Union Canal.
  /  /1896Redding Colliery
James Nimmo and Company sink new Redding Colliery No 23 shaft, on the north bank of the Union Canal and by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.
  /  /1910Union Canal
Union Canal falls into dis-use and dis-repair.
  /  /1965Union Canal
Officially closed.
  /  /1990Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Scottish Railway Preservation Society completes Bo'ness line to Manuel Junction (A station was opened here and the line may be extended to join the Union Canal).