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Gartsherrie (1843-1940)

Opened on the Whifflet Extension (Glasgow, Garnkirk and Coatbridge Railway).


This station opened with the 1843 branch of the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway to Coatbridge [CR]. It was located on the curve from Gartsherrie North Junction to Gartsherrie South Junction, the latter being the southern end of a chord opened in 1848 with the Caledonian Railway. It replaced the older Gartsherrie [GGR] station which was on the original course of the Garnkirk line where it met the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway.

At first the station operated with the Gartsherrie [M and K] station, just to the east on the parallel Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway, but this closed in 1849.

On the southbound platform was a building which had been the Gartsherrie Inn (1832), opened just after the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway (1831). The building was aligned with that original route and connection to the M&K and not the later curve on which Gartsherrie stood, it stood between these two forks of the Garnkirk route. It was at the west end of the original junction station, on the south side of the line. The inn was built to an 'L' plan and of two storeys. A bay window, at both ground and first floor levels, looked out over the original Garnkirk alignment.

Gartsherrie had two platforms with shelters (and perhaps one or two on the 1848 Caledonian Curve to the east). There were sidings on both the east and west side, approached from Gartsherrie North Junction. Those on the west served a bay.

Following the opening of the Glasgow Central Railway one service, starting at Maryhill [CR] ran via Bridgeton Cross [CR], Carmyle and Coatbridge Central to terminate at Gartsherrie.

The station closed in 1940 and was largely obliterated in the late 1960s. The line remains open today. The former westbound track has become the headshunt of the Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal, the other continues in its original use.

A very interesting and complicated location. Just to the west of the station was a flat railway level crossing where the original route of the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway was crossed by the Caledonian Railway. Only the latter remains today.

Gartsherrie House was to the south. The station was less convenient for the Gartsherrie Iron Works which were half a mile to the south east.



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Chronology Dates

31/08/1840Slamannan Railway Ballochney Railway Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
Passenger service from Edinburgh to Glasgow introduced by the Slamannan Railway. A trackboat along the Union Canal from Edinburgh to Causewayend Basin was followed by a train from Causewayend [SR] to Arbuckle along the Slamannan Railway. Running powers were then used from Arbuckle to Kipps via the Ballochney Railway, from Kipps to Gartsherrie [GGR] via the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway and Gartsherrie to Glasgow Townhead over the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway. (Alternative date 05 August.)
  /02/1843Glasgow, Garnkirk and Coatbridge Railway
Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway extended from Gartsherrie to new Coatbridge [CR], initially a terminus. (This line later extended through to Whifflet South Junction and was used by the Wishaw and Coltness Railway and the Caledonian Railway to avoid the more tortuous Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway route with level crossings through Coatbridge.)
  /  /1865Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
Authorisation to stop up the Gartgill Level Crossing at Gartsherrie North Junction directly west of Gartsherrie station. The road is relocated to the west to cross a bridge.
28/10/1940Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway
Gartsherrie station closed.
28/10/1940Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
Gartsherrie station closed.