Gartsherrie North Junction

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Gartsherrie North Junction (1843-1964)

Opened on the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway.
Opened on the Whifflet Extension (Glasgow, Garnkirk and Coatbridge Railway).


This was the junction between the 1831 Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway and its 1843/5 branch to Coatbridge Central.

The original line continued east a short way to cross the 1848 Caledonian Railway's Gartsherrie South Junction to Gartsherrie East Junction line, crossing this on the level before meeting the 1826 Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway at its Gartsherrie [M and K] station.

The branch turned south to Gartsherrie South Junction and continued south to Coatbridge Central and Whifflet, meeting the Wishaw and Coltness Railway at Whifflet South Junction. This line crossed the rear of the Gartsherrie Inn, built just to the west of Gartsherrie [M and K] and on the south side of the original G&G alignment. Gartsherrie station opened on the curve between the North and south junctions with the inn at an odd angle to the southbound platform.

There were dead end sidings on the south side of the Coatbridge Central curve and further dead end sidings to the west of the junction on the north side of the line. Exchange workings from the North British Railway's Gunnie Yard ran here.

A mineral line ran directly west from the junction, serving mines such as Gartsherrie Colliery Pits Nos 8 and 9. and Gartsherrie Colliery Pit No 2 (a network which also connected to the North British Railway at Blairhill station).

There was a level crossing with Gartgill Road, replaced by a bridge further to the west which still stands.

The signal box was replaced in 1907. The new box was on the north side of the railway to the east of the junction and Gartgill Road overbridge.

The signal box closed in 1964, the railway level crossing to the east and sidings closing. The junction was less relevant when slag ceased to be dumped at Kilgarth and the railway level crossing was taken out. The long girder road bridge still crosses over the former junction.

The next box west was at Kilgarth Signal Box, closed in 1923. From here sidings served mines and the Kilgarth Slag Hill.



Chronology Dates

07/08/1848Caledonian Railway
Castlecary Branch (Caledonian Railway) opened from Gartsherrie North Junction to Greenhill Lower Junction to meet the Scottish Central Railway. Short connection from Gartsherrie South Junction to Gartsherrie NB Junction opened. (The route included running power over a short section of the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway between Gartsherrie NB Junction and Gartsherrie North Junction.)
  /  /1865Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
Authorisation to stop up the Gartgill Level Crossing at Gartsherrie North Junction directly west of Gartsherrie station. The road is relocated to the west to cross a bridge.
07/10/1875Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway
Agreement over tolls for use by the Caledonian Railway of the section between Gartsherrie NB Junction and Gartsherrie North Junction.


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