Blackston Junction

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Blackston Junction (1862-1930)

Opened on the Slamannan Railway.
Opened on the Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways).


This was a station, junction and yard. The station consisted of a single platform on the south side of the line. The alternative spelling Blackstone was used in some timetables at varying dates.

The station opened in 1862/3 around the time that the New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways) fully opened, a time of expansion of the Monkland Railways. Other stations opened between Blackston Junction and Bathgate at this time, neighbouring stations on the Slamannan Railway opened in the 1840s.

The junction was between the Slamannan Railway and the Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways). The line ran west to Avonbridge. To the east branch ran south east to Bathgate and main line north east to Causewayend [SR].

All lines were originally single track, with no yard.

The line was doubled from Avonbridge (a loop laid east of that station to west of Blackston) and north east to Causewayend [SR]. A goods loop was laid north of the platform from the west to the east of the station. The Bathgate route was single track.

Blackston Junction Yard was on the north side of the line, running west from the station and junction. It was approached from the east.

The signal box was on the south side of the line, opposite the yard. It opened in 1892.

The lines closed to passengers in 1930, the box closed in 1936 and the line closed completely in 1964, the yard having been cut back considerably before closure.

The site has reverted to nature, with some traces of the platform remaining.


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Chronology Dates

  /  /1862Slamannan Railway
Longriggend, Blackston Junction opened. Arbuckle closed.
01/05/1930Monkland and Kirkintilloch RailwayBallochney Railway Slamannan Railway Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Coatbridge (Greenside Junction) (excluded) to Manuel Low Level (excluded) closed to passengers. Commonhead, Rawyards, Airdrie Hallcraig Street, Whiterigg stations on the Ballochney Railway closed. Longriggend, Slamannan, Avonbridge, Blackston Junction, Bowhouse, Causewayend [MR] [2nd] closed.
01/05/1930Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Blackston Junction to Bathgate Upper closed to passengers. Westfield and Bathgate Lower stations closed.
  /  /1960Slamannan Railway
Blackston Junction (excluded) to Bowhouse (excluded) closed to freight
28/12/1964Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Blackston Junction to Westfield Paper Mill (excluded) closed to freight
28/12/1964Slamannan Railway
Avonbridge to Blackston Junction to closed to freight.


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