Clarkston [Wester Moffat]

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Clarkston [Wester Moffat] (1832-1832)

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Opened on the Ballochney Railway.


Clarkston (Wester Moffat) or (Wester Monkland) was a terminus. As a passenger terminus it was probably only open briefly in the summer of 1832, closing in October.

The line from Rawyards crossed Forest Road (the A89) on the level by 'Railway Cottage'. This line, now of tramway standard, continued south east (crossing over the later alignment of the New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways)) to reach Wester Moffat Colliery coal pit on the west side of the North Calder. An associated tramway extended from the coal pit further south east, crossing over the North Calder, to reach the Springbank Coal Pits.

Where the New Monkland line was crossed there was a loop under the bridge when that line first opened as a single track and a loading point on the loop for the coal pit.

This loading point was replaced by a spur to Springbank Quarry from Springbank Junction, this junction's location being later being renamed as Moffat Mills Junction when the line was altered to serve Moffat Paper Mills (later still serving Inver House Distillery). There were Wester Moffat Exchange Sidings close to the site of the former Wester Moffat Colliery.

All three of these lines - tramway to Springbank Coal Pits, railway to Springbank Quarry and railway to Moffat Paper Mills - crossed a viaduct just east of the Wester Moffat Exchange Sidings over the North Calder.


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Clarkston (Wester Moffat)