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Newhaven (1879-1962)

Opened on the Leith North Passenger Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a two platform station opened on a short passenger line between Newhaven Junction and North Leith in 1879. It was parallel to, and to the south of, the goods and minerals line of 1864.

The station was sandwiched between the Craighall Road overbridge to the west and Leith High Depot Junction to the east. The offices, spanning both the passenger and goods lines, were on Craighall Road with waiting shelters on the platforms.

There were two goods yards. The Newhaven Goods and Minerals depot was to the west, on the south side of the lines and approached from the west. Leith High Depot was to east and approached from the east end of the station from Leith High Depot Junction.

The layout was further complicated by the addition of the Leith New Lines (Caledonian Railway) in 1902. This was intended to start from a triangular junction and run south and then east to South Leith. An additional two passenger platforms (Newhaven [Leith New Lines]) were built on the west (Newhaven Junction) to south (Ferry Road Junction) curve. The east (Leith High Depot Junction) to south (Ferry Road Junction) curve did not have platforms and was probably not completed.

At Newhaven Junction the New Lines were fitted in between the goods yard and existing passenger line.

The station closed to passengers in 1962. The New Lines were closed in 1966. The line west of Newhaven Junction closed in 1967. The remaining line (the former westbound), serving the two Newhaven goods yards, closed in 1968. These were latterly accessed through the docks lines.

The trackbeds are now footpaths. The original station platforms remain. The offices on Craighall Road also remain but no longer have footways down to the platforms.



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