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Millerhill (1849-1955)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station just north of the 1874 Millerhill Junction for the Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway. It was built on the new alignment of the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway) which replaced the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway's original alignment.

The alignment of the railway here has been replaced during re-opening with the opening of the Millerhill Deviation (Network Rail) and Shawfair station.

The station building still stands, in use as a house.

The station was altered with the opening of the Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway to have a bay platform on the west side, in the former goods yard, and to make the main approach to the goods yard from that line, although a connection from the main line remained. The northbound platform had a building with canopies on both sides, one for the northbound line and another for the bay. The main station building was on the southbound platform.

This was the site of a short branch, approached from south of the station and on the east side of the line, serving various pits of the Edmonstone Colliery.

The original goods yard here was on the west side of the line approached from the south alongside the station. It was re-aligned to be accessed from the branch and mainline. These sidings were later extended and modified to become the Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings which formed part of the approach to Millerhill Marshalling Yard (British Railways)'s Millerhill Yard Down Arrival Sidings. The Carlisle arrival sidings were in fact used by trains arriving via the Monktonhall Curve approaching the down side of the yards.

Sidings on the east side of the line south of the station were used in the electrification of the East Coast Main Line.




14/07/1847Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)
Portobello East Junction to Niddrie South Junction, Cairney to Millerhill, re-alignment at Sheriffhall and Dalhousie to Gorebridge opened.
20/02/1849Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Millerhill station opened.
01/05/1933Edinburgh Loanhead and Roslin Railway
Glencorse to Millerhill closed to passengers.
07/11/1955Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Millerhill station closed.
28/06/1972[Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway]
Line closed between Gorebridge (Lady Victoria Pit), (NCB Butlerfield the washery associated with the pit), and Millerhill Junction (excluded). The Carlisle Arrival Sidings at Millerhill and a short section south remained, used by trains rounding the Monktonhall Curve to access Millerhill Down Yard.
  /  /1989Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)
Millerhill Yard Junction (by Millerhill MPD, approximate location of the former Cairnie station) to Millerhill Junction (south of the former Millerhill station) closed.
03/06/2002Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Portobello Junction to Newcraighall (north of Millerhill) re-opened to passengers with stations at; Brunstane, Newcraighall.