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Glencross (1877-1877)
Glencorse (1877-1933)

Opened on the Glencorse Extension (Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway).


This station was the terminus of the Glencorse Extension (Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway). It was on the Glencorse Estate built alongside Glencorse Barracks and west of Auchendinny. The barracks was a military prison dating from 1803, becoming a barracks in 1875.

With the modern expansion of Penicuik it is described as being the most distant of the Penicuik stations but, when opened, it was about a mile and a half away. Perhaps more convenient than Penicuik [1st] station on the Peebles Railway which was about half a mile away to the south, involving crossing the valley of the River North Esk.

Glencorse station had a single platform, with simple station building, on a loop. The platform was on the east side of the line, the barracks and road side. To the south was a goods yard, on the east side, approached from the south. A tramway, on the west side, connected a siding on the west side of the line to Greenlaw Colliery.

The line continued south as a mineral line to serve Mauricewood Pit, Penicuik Gas Works and Eastfield Colliery (north of Shottstown, Penicuik).

The station closed to passengers in 1933 (box closed 1934) and the line south was cut back to form a headshunt for the goods yard in 1956. The line closed completely in 1959, cut back to Roslin Colliery. Military specials had continued to Glencorse right up until closure in 1959.

A long portion of platform survives, a railway cottage and the base of a crane in the goods yard.


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01/05/1933Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway (Glencorse to Millerhill) closed to passengers.