Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings

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Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings (1950-)

Opened on the Millerhill Marshalling Yard (British Railways).


Carlisle Arrival Sidings predate Millerhill Yard. First use to to give access to the Millerhill goods yard on the west side of the mainline approached from the Roslin branch. Adding these sidings allowed access off the main line. Probably added after initial opening of branch. Later use was for access to the Millerhill down yard from the ECML for westbound trains. Access difficult since Millerhill largely laid out for the Waverley route approaches. Trains rounded Monktonhall curve and ran south onto Waverley Route, crossed this into the sidings and reversed to down yard. Name perhaps misnomer. Paradoxically sidings to north of overbridge used for Carlisle arrivals.