Millerhill Yard Down Sorting Sidings

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Millerhill Yard Down Sorting Sidings (1961-1983)

Opened on the Millerhill Marshalling Yard (British Railways).


This was a set of 40 sorting sidings on the west side of Millerhill Marshalling Yard (British Railways) approached from the hump to the south via 6 retarders.

Trains could arrive from the East Coast Main Line (somewhat inconveniently) or Waverley Route. Departing trains could take the routes to Portobello East Junction or round via the Edinburgh Suburban.

The course of the Waverley Route was just to the east with the Millerhill Yard Up Sorting Sidings beyond.

North of the down sorting sidings, on the west side, were the Millerhill Yard Down Secondary Sorting Sidings.

South of the hump were the Millerhill Yard Down Arrival Sidings. These could be directly approached from the Waverley Route but not the East Coast Main Line. For the latter use was made of the Millerhill Yard Carlisle Arrival Sidings where trains ran round to approach the sidings from the south.

The Waverley Route closed in 1969 and the Millerhill Yard Up Sorting Sidings largely closed to regular traffic - from 1973 all freight traffic was handled at the down yard, with the up yard given over to permanent way use.

The huge drawback requiring use of the Carlisle Arrival Sidings was to lead to the closure of the down yard before the up yard in 1983.


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